WoW Classic Era: Nefarian Defeated with No Guild Casualty

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WoW Classic Era: Nefarian Defeated with No Guild Casualty

The Hardcore guild ‹HC Elite› has once again proven their skill and tenacity in World of Warcraft Classic. Recently, they have achieved a flawless victory in defeating Nefarian, the son of Deathwing, during their Blackwing Lair run. This impressive feat was accomplished without a single casualty. Back in 2022, they were the ones who made waves with their victory over Ragnaros during the Road to Rag event.

The Hardcore community has flourished over time. To the point that Blizzard is creating a brand-new server just for players who enjoy this style of playing. As of now, an exciting multi-week event called the Hardcore Allstars is in the run. Said thrilling occasion features dungeon speedrunning challenges. All hardcore guilds are eligible to participate. If you’re interested in joining the fun, don’t hesitate to join their Discord server to learn more about and register for the event.

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