WoW Classic Hardcore: Official Servers on the Horizon

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Blizzard is creating an official WoW Classic hardcore server.

WoW Classic is hard? Apparently, it’s still not challenging enough for many gamers out there. Thus, together, they have formed a community whose primary aim is achieving the max level without losing a life. If they die even once, they must delete their characters. You’ll find them mostly on Hydraxian Waterlords and Bloodsail Buccaneers servers. It’s safe to say that they are one of the most dedicated player groups in the gaming world. At present, there is no built-in WoW Classic hardcore mode. So, to prove their credibility, they have been using an addon, “Hardcore,” to track their progress. But things are about to change. Fans have found a popup in Patch 10.1 PTR regarding the matter.

Said community has long requested official servers specifically dedicated to their play style. As it would make things a lot simpler. For instance, finding other gamers who enjoy the same settings would be much easier. Other than that, the number of normal players interfering with their run would also be cut down by a considerable margin.

However, concerns also arise about how Blizzard will control the runs. Especially how they’ll deal with unintended deaths from disconnections or glitches. For example, if a player dies due to a technical issue, they might have to wait for months to receive an answer to their ticket. And that would definitely sour their experience.

Blizzard has not yet commented on the possibility of hardcore servers. But the appearance of the PTR code suggests that they might be coming soon. Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether the champions of Azeroth will truly enjoy what is to come.

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