Destiny 2: You Should Do This before Lightfall

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Destiny 2’s Lightfall is on the horizon, and players are gearing up for the game’s biggest update yet. However, some veteran gamers advise fellow guardians to complete one small yet crucial task prior to its release.

With the arrival of the latest DLC, Bungie plans to rework massive portions of the game’s systems. As stated in their Destiny 2: Lightfall ViDoc, significant changes are incoming. From core progression and combat systems to the Strand subclass, it’s no doubt that there will be a lot to discover. The expansion promises to usher in an exciting new era. However, with so many features and updates, it’s natural to expect some hiccups along the way.

As of now, armor mods have emerged as a top concern among the community. With buildcrafting changes coming, you may end up with unusable mods. Thus, to avoid potential issues, veteran players have some advice for you. They suggest clearing out all armor mod slots before the servers go down. This way, you can present a clean slate for the new set of mods. Therefore, cut out any chance of the old system breaking upon the introduction of the latest ones.

Although the feature may work just fine, it’s essential to better be safe than sorry. Especially with the difficulty increase, you will want to avoid being stuck with unusable mods on your top-tier armor.

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