The Witch Queen Meta Weapons PvE & PvP

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The new DLC brought a bunch of new content to us, including not only new perks and legendary and exotic weapons, but a whole new weapons crafting system, new weapon type, and seasonal artifact, with a pile of new mods. Let’s have a look, how all of this changed the game’s flow.

In short we’ll discuss the following topics:

Crafting is a journey

First, let’s briefly discuss the huge upgrade, shall we?

The new system is new to the Destiny series and it definitely does change the meta in the game at some point.

At least, one of the best PvE Exotic this season is, in fact, craftable! The Osteo Striga combined with the 40% buff to all kinetic exotic’s damage against yellow health bar enemies is one of the best option for swift and clean boss defeating as well as nice crowd cleaner thanks to it Toxic Overload exotic perk, as kills and precision hits will start poison rapidly spreading through enemies. You can create your own Osteo Striga and after some time reshape it to an even more powerful weapon all thanks to the new crafting system. And if you happen to be a Warlock and Necrotic Grip lover, well, it’s your time to shine. The exotic arms makes the poisoning spread further and with more potency.

And another point: the catalyst for the gun, makes poison final blows return ammo to the magazine. So, what is a reload?


Another intriguing update is a new weapon type — Glaives. And, oh my, they are so good. Especially, combined with the new seasonal mods, like Suppressing Glaive, that makes The Lucent Hive kind of a usual Hive. No more Light for you, sir. It also blinds some of them.

The Glaives definitely found their place in the game, mostly settling in PvE thanks to their versatility, but there are some Glaive-users in PvP as well. There are a bunch of complimenting mods for the new weapon type like aforementioned Suppressing Glaive, Suppression Mastery, Volatile Flow and the ability to shoot, shield, slash is undeniably strong in a list of scenarios.


Moving on to classic lists. For the PvE content some of the best options are already mentioned: Osteo Striga, exotic submachine gun, The Enigma, legendary glaive and a really powerful one.

Funnelweb — another submachine gun, legendary. The weapon is a new addition, and easily one of the best weapons introduced in The Witch Queen. Funnelweb is reminiscent of The Recluse, a well known SMG that dominated PvE for months. Unfortunately, it can’t roll with the Master of Arms perk, this weapon is still capable of quite powerful rolls. Its third trait, Veist Stinger, which has a chance to reload the magazine, will be a great addition to Subsistence or Frenzy. You can shoot, and shoot, and shoot. Forever. Perfection.

Krait is an option for an Auto Rifle person. It looks like a SMG, It shoots a bit slower than SMG, but it has a further range instead. Also, Auto Rifle and SMG both have an Overload mod this season, so Krait or Funnelweb might be a powerful option to suppress sone champions as well. The Rifle has some excellent perks, like Subsistence and Overflow for shooting shoot forever, or Headstone and new perk-Focused Fury are great options for additional damage.

Gjallarhorn — an old friend, Exotic rocket Launcher is still as powerful, as it was. It’s quite popular both in PvE and PvP and people really seem to like it.

Dead Messenger is another new exotic, quite versatile thanks to the ability to cycle between Solar, Arc, and Void damage types. This Grenade launcher is not that easy to get, but it’s fun to use for sure.

Le Monarque is another weapon that can be found effective both in PvE and PvP. Due to the Void focus is in this season, and some of the Artifact mod, like Volatile Flow gives it Volatile Rounds. You’ll see enemies exploding all around you. Actually, exotic Fusion Rifle Lorentz Driver might benefit from that as well. Also Bows are Anti-Barrier this season, meaning it gives them strong Champion utility too.

In the end, Bungie took exotic Primaries to the new high. It’s exceptionally good right now.


It’s a bit harder to pinpoint the best options in PvP yet, but some things are certain nonetheless. Firstly, some of the mentioned above weapons perform quite well in PvP. For example, the Exotic SMG Osteo Striga is one of them. Other options are Funnelweb, Krait and Gjallarhorn.

For the Hand Cannon users, one of the best options is Eyasluna. Rangefinder and Kill Clip suit the weapon very well. Other PvP Hand Cannons are still powerful as well, so bringing your legendary Fatebringer, The Palindrome or exotic Ace of Spades, Thorn or Last Word is always an option.

For the Pulse Rifles not much changed as well: The Messenger or No Time to Explain are still one of the best guns available for the Crucible and Trials.

And Felwinter’s Lie, a well-known shotgun, is still in the meta, no worries here. And there is a place for Fusion Rifles. Legendary Main Ingredient and Likely Suspect are quite popular at this days.

PvP Meta is forming right now, and this is the best time to take different guns and experiment with them, to find something new or to rediscover something old.

P.S. There are rumors, that Eriana’s Vow is strong as hell right now. Check it out, willya?

Huckleberry out.

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