The Line Between Light And Dark Is So Very Thin

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Do you know which side you’re on?

The Hawkmoon history begins in the original Destiny, so some players may already be familiar with this exotic Hand Cannon. The weapon returns to the game as part of the Beyond Light expansion, being tightly tied with the Crow story, and brings us way back to the Forsaken expansion’s story as well. His life as Prince Uldren Sov of The Reef, his life as a Guardian, and his mission.

It also brings deeper insights of the Traveler and how it communicates thought dreams, Speakers who used to be the only ones with whom The Traveler communicates, The Darkness, and its voice, the resemblance between the two greatness and their distinction.

To unlock an additional perk on the Hawkmoon, as well as its Exotic Catalyst, you’ll have to complete the Bird of Prey and Harbinger quest steps. It will test your strength and will to fight but reward you with a nice Hunter’s Trance perk, which will increase Hawkmoon’s magazine size. It also grants increased handling, reload speed, and weapon range based on the number of stacks of Paracausal Charge.

Quest steps

The Beginning

You’ll start your journey by investigating the disturbance in Spiders lair at the Tangled Shore. He will describe it as a feeling much like a parsing waking dream, some ephemeral presence. He asks you to investigate, as his lair is not the place to be disturbed. He’ll send you off, and your first task is to track down five yellow paracausal feathers.

Paracausality is a category used to refer to abilities, events or entities which seem to violate causality (i.e. the principle that all effects must have a preceding cause). It is also commonly referred to as “magic”.

Follow The Dreams // Feathers Locations

The feathers are radiate a slight yellow glow, making them easy to spot from a distance, but sometimes you have to know where to look for it.

The first is right outside the Spider’s Lair, lying on top of one of the crates, just past barriers. Grab it and go back to chat with the Spider again. Now you’ll have to ride across lots of destinations to grab the other feathers.

The quest description will tell you about a disembodied voice that echoes from the feather, a dream it sings to your mind, and this voice will guide you to every next location.

First says about buildings in rust and ruin, trees and storm, a vantage point over the grove. Take a trip to the EDZ, as it’s clearly the place you led to. It’s located at the Cosmodrome on a pillar to the right of the teleport point near Shaw. Another is in at the Sludge, EDZ, on a broken catwalk near the front side of the teleport point. One more can be found at the Dreaming City – at the left side of the Blind Well’s entrance, and one on the Moon at the Temple of Oryx, inside the last room.

A Cry From Beyond

When you collect all the feathers, head to the Crow. You might have guessed already that the voice that guides you is, in fact, his voice. He’ll tell you his concerns about the dreams he has experienced. So vivid and real that his Ghost Glint thinks it’s more to them than just dreams. He’ll ask you to come along with him in the EDZ to see if there is anything more there than he saw in those dreams. And so the mission “Cry from Beyond” your next quest step, begins. You’ll travel to the Hallowed Grove, explore a hidden area, and together with Crow and his Ghost, you will see a Hawk made of Light, the one Crow used to see in his dreams. The Hawk will guide you to a piece of the Traveler in the Hallowed Rift, where, eventually, you’ll discover a weapon that looks like the Hawkmoon, or part of it, as your Ghosts suggests. But Hawkmoon has been long lost since the Red Legion attack. This is an effigy of the Hawkmoon, made from the same material as the outer shell of the Traveler. The Traveler was speaking with Crow for a reason, after all.

Light the Effigy

Now it’s time to bring the effigy to life. Your next quest step is to fill it with light so you’ll have to generate 50 Orbs of Light in order to fulfill that part. Take your masterworked weapons and corresponding supers to swiftness the task.

For the next part, you’ll return to EDZ and follow the Hawk to the dam, to find more clues left by the Traveler. As you investigate the marked coordinates and find more Paracausal Feathers in the EDZ, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the paracausal feathers, which both exist and don’t exist at the same time. The choice between action and inaction, as you Ghost define them. And more of the Crow himself, as he will be with you on this mission.

Then “Let Loose Thy Talons”, the eight step starts. Crow believes that the Traveler is trying to send a message through the visions and he’s asking you to show him what it means to fight like a Guardian. For this quest step, you’ll have to defeat Champions or defeat Guardians in Gambit and Crucible matches. Ten Guardians counts as 5% towards your goal progress.

The Crow and The Hawk

The next part is a mission for you and Crow to fight together in the Hallowed Rift. As you land at the Sludge in the EDZ, head to the familiar light hawk sitting on the rock.

Now “The Crow and The Hawk” mission begins. Follow the hawk through the hidden locations to the Traveler Shard.

The whole purpose of the quest is a message from the Traveler to you and Crow, so your guidance to him can help him find his purpose as a Guardian, and find a place that he belongs. As you pick that paracausal feather up you commit to spending more time with Crow on his way to the Light.

Once you deal with the Taken that surround the Traveler Shard and try to communicate with it, you’ll get the reforged Hawkmoon, and right here, the next quest step begins. Savathûn’s Taken will try to stop you from communing with the Traveler. The final quest step is more just a battle with The Witch Queen attendants: it shows us how Crow has changed during this journey with us, how he became our friend and a Guardian.

Even more interesting things are here to discuss. It looks like the time of Speakers is passed, as now a lot more Guardians get a Traveler’s guidance through their dreams. Ikora and us back in the Red War, now Crow, but he will not be the last. The time of the Speakers might pass, but likely, the time of the Dreamers will only begin.

The Hawkmoon is reforged, but there is more to Crow’s evolution as a character that soon might be shown to us in the new expansion, and there are two more things you can do as you succeed with the quest.

Visit Crow again to pick up these tasks, as the rewards are worth your time: the Hawkmoon Catalyst and the Radiant Accipiter Exotic Ship.

So, who is speaking in Hawkmoon’s lore tab?

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