Destiny 2: The Dawning Festival 2022

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Bungie is hosting the Dawning Festival on December 16, 2022, in Shoreditch Studios Ltd. 37 Bateman’s Row, London, United Kingdom. The Tower-themed community event will run from 19:00 to 23:00 GMT. It includes food and drinks, various entertainments and rewards, and a charity raffle to support those in need. You can attend in any outfit of your liking. Especially cosplay is more than welcome.


Coming to the party, you will have the opportunity to:

You can pay for everything by card. However, remember to bring some cash if you want to participate in the Bungie Foundation Charity Raffle.


There are a few requirements to join the party. You need to:

This is an excellent occasion for players to meet, socialize, share their gaming interests, and immerse in the world they have grown to love. So don’t miss out! Ticket sales for the Dawning Festival start on December 2, 2022, and are non-refundable. You can check for more details as well as get yourself a ticket here.

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