Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024 Guide: Weapons, Skimmer, More

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Well, here we come to the first major event in Destiny 2 this year: Guardian Games All-Stars 2024! 

The Guardian Games (GG) has kicked off, and every Guardian is fighting to be the most respected class in the game. Last year, Titans succeeded, but this year Warlocks nd Hunters are ready to fight with all their might. If you’re participating in this event for the first time, then you have come to the right place. 

Here, you’ll find out what Guardian Games All-Star is in general, its meaning, how to join in, what you can do during it, what kind of loot awaits you, and more. Recall that we already have a separate article about the event containing no less interesting details. Get comfortable, and we’re starting our run!

What Is Guardian Games All-Stars and What Is Its Meaning?

Suppose you have heard and watched the Olympic Games. The essence of the Guardian Games is exactly the same, but instead of countries, we have three classes, and rather than the usual sports games, we have weapon battles against each other and aliens. At the same time, the goal remains to earn as many medals as possible for your team.

To participate in GG2024, you are required to chat with Eva Levante, who will give you a Class Item that presents your score by changing color and glows uniquely if your weekly score is higher than anyone else. But remember, you should wear it to obtain medallions, finish some event quests, and complete the seal.

Collecting medallions and putting them on a pedestal in the Tower gives you many valuable rewards, and a chance to get unique event weapons, emblems and shaders from this event. Completing specific Free Event Card tasks grants you a shader and emblem, and Eva has three Ghost Shells for sale tied to each class! Rest assured that everyone participating in the GG battles will walk away with something to show. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers!

At the end of three weeks, Bungie will announce the winning class, and the event’s best players will receive unique rewards, like having their Guardian Games Class item glow all year.

When Does the Guardians Games 2024 Start and End?

The Guardian Games 2024 runs from March 5 to March 26, 2024. Hurry while there is time!

Guardian Games 2024 Activities This Year

There are many activities at your disposal for passing. Guardian Games has not undergone major changes, but there is much more content:

At first glance, it may seem that that’s not much, but believe us, it’s more than enough to prevent the experience from becoming monotonous. So, let’s move on into the next segment of our Guardian Games guide!

How to Get Skimmer in Guardian Games 2024?

Skimmer, a full-fledged new mode of transport, has been added with the arrival of Guardian Games 2024 in Destiny 2, and you can get it for free by playing in this event!

Skimmer Guardian Games

All you need to do is complete the introductory quest, after which you will temporarily receive the Skimmer during the Guardian Games 2024. If you want to keep it permanently, you must complete one of the three tasks in the Drop In quest. Among the tasks, the easiest might be to earn the top 10% score in Nightfall challenges or play Focus Activity to unlock the winner package three times. Yet, the simplest will be to achieve a 1,200 medallion score, as you are given 300 points for Diamond medallions, which can be obtained via Twitch drops!

So hurry up to get your Guardian Games Skimmer while you have the time!

How to get Medallions in Guardian Games 2024?

To start progress in GG, you’ll need to collect medallions. You can obtain them in different ways, quantities, and values.

You can also purchase Contender, Platinum and Diamond Cards from Eva, for which you will receive Gold, Platinum, and Diamond medals.

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How to get Guardian Games Memento?

To obtain a unique Games Memento, available only during the event, you will have to diligently perform Activities to obtain Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallions. By depositing them, you will have a chance to receive the Guardian Games 2024 Memento. However, the Diamond medallion guarantees their drop.

Guardian Games Memento

Guardian Games 2024 Weapons Guide

Next, we will analyze all the weapons that can be obtained during the Guardian Games and whether they are worth farming at all.

Heir Apparent, Machine Gun

Heir Apparent machine gun is ideal for those who want to feel like a real tank. Thanks to its Exotic Perk called Armor of the Colossus, you’ll get protection with Arc shield. However, be sure to remember to complete Catalyst because it’ll increase the durability of the shield. Heir Apparent and Catalyst are only available from Guardian Games, so hurry up!

Hullabaloo, Grenade Launcher

Hullabaloo Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Hullabaloo is a really decent Arc grenade launcher that has great potential for endgame PvE activities. It has a Compressed Wave Frame that can damage everything in its way, and this is especially important to know after the recent buff. Among the perk combinations, you might like various options, such as:

There are many combinations here, so try to experiment while Guardian Games 2024 in Destiny 2 is available!

Taraxippos, Scout Rifle

Last year, Taraxippos pleased us with its strand energy type and rolls, and this year, the range of perks has slightly narrowed, although it is going in a better direction.

For example, for PvE, you can now assemble a combination of FTtC and Explosive Payload, allowing you to have increased damage and constantly return bullets thanks to precision hits. At the same time, you can use Keep Away and Hatchling for safe Strand builds.

In PvP, you will again see players with Taraxippos in their hands, as they can have Zen Moment and Explosive Payload, which allows them to shoot at you calmly. There will also be individuals who want a more classic and measured gameplay thanks to Keep Away and Kill Clip, improving their range, reload, accuracy from being at a distance from the enemy, as well as increased damage after taking down a Guardian and reloading.

In short, Scout Rifle fans should definitely have Destiny 2 Taraxippos in their collection.

The Title, Submachine Gun

Unfortunately, The Title in Destiny 2 will not delight you this year with a rich set of perks, especially for PvP, although it still has interesting combinations for PvE. This time, you will not be able to make Repulsor Brace + Threat Detector, but you can try replacing the second perk with Destabilizing Rounds, allowing you to make your enemies volatile by eliminating their allies. At the same time, Threat Detector and Surrounded can be activated when your enemies are close to you, allowing you to increase damage, reload speed, stability, and handling.

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Guardian Games Event Card and Title

As we have stated before, Guardian Games has an Event Card to get free rewards, cosmetics, and a “Champ” Title. It is available to all Destiny 2 players, and for all of these rewards, you need to complete particular Triumphs:

Regardless, these are not all of the triumphs that you can complete. If you want to make this Title Gilded, then you will need to finish four more challenges:

Guardian Games New Cosmetics: Armor Sets, Finisher, Sparrow, and more

The only thing left to do is to discuss the new cosmetic items that became available in 2024. In addition to returning items from past events, new ones have become available. This gear can be bought for free with Bright Dust, but the price is high as each set costs 6,000 per each. The old ones are also available at the same price.

Guardian Games 2024 armor set

The assortment is much more extensive if you don’t hesitate to use Silver:

At the same time, you can buy an Upgraded Event Card for 1,000 Silver, which will instantly give you Coronal Bloom, Barnstormer, and Championship Dance. You can get Capped Shell, Fouette Turn Ballerina Emote, Proud Sigil Transmat Effect, and Titled Projection to complete the challenges from the card. But, even if you refuse to buy it, after completing the Platinum and Bronze Challenge, you are guaranteed and for free to earn Prizewinner Shader and Guardian Games 2024 emblem.

Some cosmetics from past seasons will be available for free with Bright Dust every week in Eververse, so don’t miss your chance. But alas, only finishing moves are available for Paid currency.

Final Words on Guardian Games 2024 in Destiny 2

Now you know everything about Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024. If you have any more questions, you can ask them in the comments, and we’ll be happy to reply. And if you need help farming activities or guns from an event, then our Guardian Games Services will handle this task in a matter of hours.

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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