Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Overview

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It’s time for Destiny 2 Season 14, which is the Season of the Splicer – travelers get tasked with exciting quests to help a Sacred Splicer Mithrax figure out, overrun, and completely destroy the treacherous Vex. The one that covered the whole Last City in darkness. The endless night brings tons of newly introduced stuff, including new quests, game modes, armor customization features, seasonal challenges and weekly missions, innovative armor pieces and exotic weapons, and more.

Your main objective is to assist the Sacred Splicer in getting closer to the Vex and disabling the all-consuming deadly technology that initiated the endless night and spawned the new dangers. As Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, gathers a party of reckless warriors, you are to be bound by the power of light with the chosen allies. Your brave party is the last hope of the Last City to break the shackles of the total darkness and bring the new Destiny 2 season to its logical conclusion.

Season of the Splicer Dates

The D2 Season of the Splicer season pass kicks off your new seasonal journey on May 11th, lasting all the way through August 24th when the unequal contest with the endless night draws to the end. How exactly will it end? We’ll see, but everything depends on your contribution to interloping the Vex, finding and exploiting its flaws and weak aspects, and destroying it from the inside. The end of the journey is drawing closer, but you still have time to squeeze the fun out of the new season to the fullest.

What’s New in the Season of the Splicer Update?

The Season of the Splicer patch introduces a number of updates and additional content that throws in an exciting share of twists and turns to the usual D2 gameplay. In particular, the new stuff includes:

As you can see, the Season of the Splicer update is brimming with new stuff to explore, obtain, unlock, and experience. It’s high time you got involved with the honorable cause of ceasing the endless night and bringing back light to the Last City.

The Override Mode

Playing the Override mode, you gather up with 5 other travelers to fend off waves of the Vex-driven foes in updated vivid game environments in order to reach the Vex Network and literally override it from the inside. This is a fun activity where you first get through the external lines of Vex defenses, reaching a wormhole teleport to the Vex Network where you need to ace an obstacle course of spinning lasers and other treacherous apparatuses and defeat the final boss in order to claim your loot.

The Expunge Weekly Pinnacle Mission

The range of D2 Season 14 weekly challenges is added up with the Expunge that may take place on the Europa, the Moon, and the Tangle Shore. The missions are subsequent initiatives of reaching and destroying the Vex Nexus. This includes going through the labyrinthine domain of the Vex Nexus, undermining and destroying the corrupted Oppressive Mind, beating Witch Queen Quria (the architect of the Endless Night), and ultimately saving the Last City.

As a reward for your weekly efforts, you get Key Codes to open Corrupted Conflux Chests and acquire the Pinnacle Gear.

The Vault of Glass Returns

The essential part of Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer roadmap is the Vault of Glass raid, which is the return of the most classic raid activity in the whole of D2. Overall, the Vault is looking visually stunning. It is filled with treacherous puzzles and tons of returning but refreshed content peeking from around every corner. The main gist of the Vault of Glass raid, is the ASAP full termination of the Atheon. In terms of the raid’s storyline, you will have to land on Venus and travel to the unknown Ves called Atheon, which is the Time’s Conflux.

Completing this exciting raid, you are looking to obtain exclusive raid Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer weapons and armor, a brand new emblem for your squad, unique Triumphs, newly-added Exotic items, and more.

Solstice of Heroes Ends

In terms of all the Season of the Splicer changes and updates, the Solstice of Heroes has remained a major annual event celebrating Guardians and their triumph over the Ghaul at the conclusion of the Red War. The event is the ultimate venue for getting exclusive armor sets, awesome cosmetic rewards (like Sparrows and Ghost Shells), and seasonal bounties.

This year’s Solstice of Heroes is kicked off with the Season of the Splicer on July 6th and we already know the date of its ending. You have until August 3rd to enjoy the event to the fullest and grab all the exclusive rewards.

New Stasis Aspect Quests

Throughout the Season of the Splicer, you get to unlock brand new Stasis aspects and fragments. Here, you can really hit the jackpot and get some immensely powerful items. For this, you have to complete specific quests across multiple planets and locations. The questlines can be pretty time-consuming, but in the long run, you get awesome character Stasis effects.

Armor Synthesis

Introduced in the Season of the Splicer, armor synthesis is a real transmog feature that many players were missing before. Now, you can ornate separate pieces of your favorite armor however you like, showing off the Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer price you have covered in a cool visual way.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

We already know the date of the Season of the Splicer ending, however, the realm of D2 is full of surprises. New updates may appear without anybody expecting them, and especially to keep this covered, WowVendor will be posting more Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer reviews as more new stuff is introduced. So make sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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