Destiny 2 PvP Overhaul Overview

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The new season is finally here, and after so many years, Bungie finally reworked the Crucible in its most diverse aspects. Various changes to modes, playlists, matchmaking improvements, and more that Shaxx and the Guardians could only dream of!

In our article, you will learn all the details about the changes and improvements in Crucible concisely and understandable manner. Suppose you are a fan of PvP Destiny 2. In that case, you should definitely stop by and read all the information provided by the developers!

Ranked changes

All players have been waiting a long time for Bungie to rework Survival or Ranked mode in Crucible. And now the miracle happened! The developers immediately noted a couple of things they adhered to when revamping these modes: balanced matches and a sense of competitiveness.

Source: Bungie

To replace the old Glory ranks system, which was already quite outdated, the developers have announced Destiny 2 PvP overhaul rank update. This change introduces the full-fledged ranks that you may have seen in games like Valorant or Overwatch. There will be seven Divisions in total, which include three subdivisions: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Adept and Ascendant.

In order for you to qualify for your division, you will need to be locally calibrated. It lasts only seven games, so you won’t have to suffer for long. But it would be best if you immediately warned that at the first “placement series” the highest you can be placed in a Gold III. But what will your rating be based on? First of all, of course, on your victories or defeats, as well as on your skill. If you’re on a winning streak or playing too well for your division, you won’t have to wait long for a promotion. The Destiny 2 overhaul update also affected the modes, which now will be ranked. The Competitive Division will now include Survival, Rift, and Showdown, so the games will definitely have more variety. And yes, it’s still 3v3.

Source: Bungie

Ranked changes are nice, but will there be rewards for your achievements? Bungie did not forget about this and prepared a couple of pleasant surprises. As your division increases, your multiplier on all Crucible ranks in Destiny 2 will increase, allowing you to get guns like Out of Bounce or Crisis Inverted more often. But most of all, the players were surprised by the return of the Legendary Hand Cannon Rose. This weapon was loved by a huge number of old players. In order to get this weapon for the first time, you will need to complete the Competitive Division intro quest (once per character). Then you will need to complete a character-based weekly Competitive Division challenge to earn another roll every week. Unfortunately, the maximum you can get is three Roses per week, so searching for the godroll can take a long time.

Playlists and modes changes

Also, Bungie still remembers other modes, which were also affected by the Destiny 2 PvP overhaul, so ordinary players who like to have fun in PvP will be able to find something new for themselves. For example, Rumble is the fastest Crucible mode in the game, and now it is no longer a standalone mode. This means that from now on, Rumble only occurs twice a season in the Weekly Rotator.

In terms of playlists, starting with season 19, there will be the following modes for players:

Each of these modes will come with its unique matchmaking to please the needs of players of different classes and skills. For example, Quickplay will be Skill-Based Matchmaking, Weekly Rotator, and Crucible Labs — Connection-Based Matchmaking. Trials will switch completely from Ticket-Based Matchmaking to Fireteam-Based Matchmaking during the next season.

Source: Bungie

Don’t forget that Iron Banner will return to us twice a season, replacing two Destiny 2 Crucible modes — Quickplay and Trials of Osiris. The first Iron Banner will take place on January 3rd. Along with a new Fortress mode, players must capture and hold zones, but with some tweaks and twists to make it even more hazardous. Bungie promises that players will have to die to keep the hill. Speaking of guns, the oldies from the early days of Destiny 2 will return in a new season. Those oldies are assault rifles and shotguns, which will come with updated random perks and unique Iron Banner Origin Traits. And, of course, you can expect to see old-new Iron Banner armor from The Taken King DLC. Nostalgia in all its glory!

Source: Bungie

At the same time, we can’t expect significant changes in the Trials of Osiris this season. In addition to the new 140RPM Hand Cannon and Machine Gun, they plan to improve matchmaking for more suitable matches among singles and players with their fireteam, the so-called Fireteam-Based Matchmaking. More exciting details will appear throughout the season. Still, in season 20, Bungie will surprise players with their brand new Trials Labs.

Crucible changes

Let’s move on to the general Destiny 2 PvP changes that will affect the entire mode. First and foremost is Engram Focusing. Finally, Lord Shaxx will receive the changes that his partners, like Saint-14 and Lord Saladin, have already received. For each rank, you will obtain a special Crucible Engram, which you can focus on the weapon you need the most. It certainly is pricey, as it will cost you 10,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Source: Bungie

A new seal, “Glorious,” will also be added. To complete it, you will also need to play ranked, earn Crucible ranks, and so on. It’s not as easy as you think, but you definitely will be energized by this goal. Bungie even decided to pre-announce a new map in the year of Lightfall, but without details, so we’ll have to wait.

Actually, this is all the season 19 PvP overhaul that Bungie prepared for us in the new season. We hope this article was helpful to you and you will share it with your friends to prepare for all the changes in the next season. And to be ready, we recommend you check out our Destiny 2 PvP boosting, thanks to which you can quickly level up in season 19 and get the desired new weapons. See you on the battlefield, Guardians!

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