New Buildcrafting System in Destiny 2 coming in Lightfall

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A significant expansion, “Lightfall,” is getting closer to its release every day, and Bungie throws up all sorts of unexpected details every week. Guardians around the world are constantly wondering what awaits them next, but this time the community was shocked by the big changes that are coming to the game. With the expansion’s release, Destiny 2 will have a complete overhaul of the buildcrafting system, which will be much deeper and more elaborate than ever.

In today’s article, the WowVendor team decided to explain as clearly as possible all the changes regarding the reworked system. You have to prepare well because these changes will affect the gameplay of our beloved MMO shooter for many years to come. Let’s move out, shall we?


First of all, Bungie decided to talk about the future loadouts system, which is going to allow you to change your Build to any other at any time. A new feature can often save you in activities like Dungeon or Raid. Imagine the situation: you are a Void Warlock, but it turns out at the boss that you urgently need a Well of Radiance. You can easily change your build with just one button and pass the stage without any problems.

Source: Bungie

General Mods and Artifact changes

With the release of Lightfall, Mod Energy types are gone. You don’t need to worry since those changes will allow players to avoid suffering with the desired armor element, which significantly reduces occupied vault space. Bungie is going to convert the Combat Style socket into an additional mod socket for armor. Also, the price of many mods will be reduced, and thanks to this, you can definitely create the Build of your dreams.

Speaking of the artifact, forget everything you knew about it. Now in the artifact, you will unlock passive perks that will always function. For example, if you have the anti-barrier Pulse Rifles unlocked, then any weapon of that type will automatically be anti-barrier. But this change also has its downsides. The maximum number of passive perks is only 12. But what will happen to the Artifice armor that gave the extra Artifact mod slot? Now it will get a unique mod slot which will give +3 to stat. It seems that the increase is not so noticeable. However, it often happens that you may be missing a couple of points to get 100 resilience.

Champions and Match game

Of course, Bungie didn’t stop there and decided to give a great gift to fans of Endgame activities. Finally, they determined to remove Match Game from high-difficulty activities. Because of the aforementioned modifier, you only needed to take down shields with the same type of damage, which forced you to put aside your favorite guns and use others. However, to keep these activities challenging, Bungie wants to increase the base shield resistance to non-matching damage types up to 50 percent.

One of the massive changes is the ability to counter Champions built into Subclasses. Against Barrier Champions will be able to counter Solar with the radiant buff, Void with the volatile rounds, and Strand buff. Arc by triggering the jolted condition, Stasis with its own slowing effect, and Void with suppression be able to stan Overload Champions. Unstoppable Champions will be weak against Arc with its blinding effect, Solar ignitions, Stasis shattering, and Strand. Will all these changes make Grandmasters and other master activities more enjoyable? Undoubtedly, they will.

Source: Bungie

Аrmor charge mods and elemental wells

Here we come to the most global change. Armor Charge Mods are a mixture of Charged with Light and Elemental Wells with some tricks. The main mechanic around which the new buildcrafting system will build is Armor Charge. In order to get one buff charge, you only need to pick up Orb of Power. It is worth clarifying that you will receive Armor Charge only if you have one of the mods on. The maximum amount of buff you can get is only 3, but you can increase it. For the mods that generated Elemental Wells or made you Charged with Light to be relevant, they also changed their functionality. Now they are creating only Orbs of Power.

Source: Bungie

We figured out how to get an Armor Charge buff, but what can we spend it on? With Lightfall, there will be some split into passive and active mods:

Also, these changes affected Elemental Wells. Now they are going to be unique damage-type-specific objects. Ionic Traces for Arc, Firesprite for Solar, Void Breaches for Void, Stasis Shards for Stasis, and something else for Strand. These objects also synergize with your fragments.

However, there is still one sad piece of news in their latest blog. Developers decided to remove Warmind Cells from the game due to their irrelevance and weakness. But Bungie said that every new Season we would have new mods waiting for us, and just maybe sooner or later, they will be returned in a new, relevant guise.

Source: Bungie

These are the changes Bungie has in store for all of us. Of course, after the release of the new buildcrafting system, a bunch of nerfs and other fixes await us to balance it and not turn Destiny 2 into the easiest shooter on the market. We will closely monitor everything and let you know if it affects the usual gameplay.

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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