Master Raiding Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to our series of articles where casual players can learn some tips and tricks about Destiny 2. This time we’ll talk about Raids, specifically their Master versions. You can drop harrowed weapons and high-stat armor in them, but your team will have to go through the circle of hell to receive rewards. Finishing at least one Master Raid is a feat because their complications will put many teams of Guardians into a stupor. Step right up because, in this Master Raids guide, you will learn some tips that will make life much easier for you and your team. Let us begin and see what we are ready to advise!

First steps and preparation

So that you do not have a question “How to do Master Raid” during the Raid itself, we have prepared several tips, one of which is significant preparation. This includes many things, so let’s break them down step by step.

Have you completed every step here? Great, because those Destiny 2 Raid tricks can ultimately help you on the mission.

Experiment with builds

Since we mentioned builds, it’s worth talking about them because they play a massive role in Master Raids. In the standard version, you can safely survive and kill even in blue loadout, but you should take the matter more seriously here. Obviously, you undoubtedly need 100 resilience since the free 40% resistance is not lying around on the road. Also, you need to choose the exotic armor carefully and decide which one you are going with on the battlefield. Most often, it is around them that the subclass and the necessary stats are selected.

Given that we mentioned Well of Radiance, we advise you to build with Lunafaction Boots so that your entire Fireteam recharges faster during the damage phase. Hunters with Star-Eater Scales are also great for killing bosses effectively.

Choose the best weapons that you can

Due to the fact that this is a Master mode Raid, there is one of the most unpleasant modifiers — match games. Because of it, you will have to constantly take weapons for the type of opponents’ shields, so your arsenal should be clearly rather extensive. We advise you to bring solar, arc, and void weapons in advance to easily change your loadout during the Raid.

Source: Bungie

Only Master Raid is not a simple walk through beautiful locations with puzzles. Besides, it would be helpful if you had the most effective weapons in order to kill bosses as quickly as possible. Not to say that this is some kind of Master Raid boss guide, but many guns below are good at killing them. We strongly recommend taking the Cataclysmic from Vow of the Disciple as it outperforms all other linear fusion rifles due to the bait and switch. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, Taipan-4FR and Reed’s Regret are great replacements, which will be easier to get. We can also recommend Divinity, which will be much easier for you to kill bosses and use Witherhoard for additional passive damage. Exotics such as Trinity Ghoul and Osteo Striga are perfect for destroying small opponents. Also, if you have a problem with jump puzzles or just want to be the fastest, be sure to bring Half-Truths or The Other Half with a perk like Eager Edge. Those Destiny 2 best weapons for Raids are good choices in Master and standard modes for every Guardian, but these are our recommendations and may not suit your tastes 🙂

Do not forget about Champions

Since we’re talking about weapons, don’t forget that Master Raids have a lot of Champions. Each of them needs certain mods that will allow you to kill them with certain weapons. You can open these mods in the seasonal artifact. It is also worth noting that some exotic weapons have this feature built in, such as the famous Arbalest or Le Monarque. We advise you to know in advance where and when certain champions are located in order to be ready for anything. Just don’t forget they exist — this is one of the most critical Destiny 2 Raid tips ever.

Choosing one or another Master Raids

Before you go on any Raid, you must decide which one you will be able to and like. For example, the community considers the most difficult of all Master Raids to be the recently returned King’s Fall, which can infuriate bosses with a considerable amount of HP. Hardcore players will probably already have a burning desire to complete this Raid, so we recommend you carefully study its Master Raid mechanics in our other guide about KF. At the same time, beginners can try to start with Vault of Glass to have at least some idea about Master Raids. At the same time, there is also Vow of the Disciple, which may interest experienced players with its complex but also fascinating mechanics.

Remember about challenges

Since they don’t just go to Master Raids, you most likely went there for adept weapons, right? Although this advice may seem too simple, some players didn’t even know that these guns are given as a reward for challenges. We advise you to familiarize yourself with each in detail. Due to any mistake, you will have to go through the stage again. For example, we recently published an article, “How To Get Harrowed Weapons In Kings Fall Raid,” in which we explained in detail all the challenges in the latest Raid.

In general, this is all we can advise players going to Master Raids. Hopefully, we gave you answers to some questions for those who are looking for Destiny 2 Raid help. Most of you already know what to expect from a Raid, so the advice may seem a bit too generic. If this guide helped you, then be sure to share it with your friends. Are you having problems with the passage and have no time for many hours of Raiding? We recommend our Raids Boost services, where WoWVendor’s pro players will go through and knock out the right weapon for you in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, we wish you good luck and vital patience!

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