Destiny 2 Lightfall Accidentally Released Before Launch Date

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Bungie accidentally released an early update for Destiny 2: Lightfall in certain regions. However, players who downloaded it are locked out of the game.

It’s only a day away from the highly anticipated release of Lightfall. Many fans are excited due to its darker tone and unique visual style, showcased in recent trailers and gameplay videos. Thus, over the weekend, when players saw an available update on PS5, they clicked it. After installation, it revealed a revamped title screen with the Lightfall logo and music.

However, those who downloaded the update had their game bricked. They were unable to log in, let alone play. Luckily, Bungie was fast to address the issue. They confirmed that the update was accidentally released early in specific regions of Japan and Europe. To resolve the problem, the developers rolled back the preload update. They also advised gamers to uninstall and re-download the PS5 version of Destiny 2 for the game to function properly.

Over the past few weeks, Bungie has been hyping up the community with tons of trailers, news, and insights about the latest expansion. They even let Guardians experience the Witch Queen for free from February 23 to 27. The fifth expansion is set to take place on Neptune. Players will explore the under-siege city of Neomuna and use new Strand abilities to navigate its unique, cyberpunk-style environment while fending off the Shadow Legion.

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