Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Iron Banner 2022 Guide

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Here’s everything we know about Season 17’s overhauled PvP event hosted by Lord Saladin.

Source: Bungie

Season of Plunder is in full blossom, which means that the sweeping Iron Banner changes had come into force at Season 17. Reduced in frequency and updated with a new progression system, the well-loved event is now in a totally different place than it used to be. With the season’s first Iron Banner behind us, the playerbase is still trying to wrap their heads around all the reworked and newly-added features, bracing themselves for the next iteration, scheduled for September 6, 2022. And while the event’s all-time host Lord Saladin is on the way, heading to the Tower to set us off on one more perilous yet exciting journey in the Crucible, we’ll run down everything the revamped in Season of the Haunted Iron Banner has to offer, so that when the time comes, you can charge in with all guns blazing.

Iron Banner Explained

For those still wondering what Destiny 2 Iron Banner is – it’s a week-long live PvP event held in the game’s Crucible. Before May 2022, each season used to roll at least three events in total, but now we have to settle for only two per season.

The Season 17 massive overhaul also affected the way Iron Banner is played. Once based solely on zone-capturing Control mechanics, it now has a new mode that changes each season. Season 17 brought back Rifts, which dates back to the original Destiny. Season of Plunder, however, focuses on the new Eruption mode. Eruption is about working together with your team to achieve kill streaks and to protect them. It has some similarities to “the Hunt” from the original Iron Banner. In the old days, you could reach The Hunt by capturing all three control points on the map; it lets the dominating team earn three points per kill for a short period of time. Eruption doesn’t have control points, but the Hunt can still be triggered by your in-game performance.

New mode is all about kill streaks, so get ready to fight and run for your life if needed – your win depends on it. When you get a 2+ kill streak, a buff called Surging will appear. This buff regenerates your ability energy on additional kills, and lets you earn an extra point per kill. At 5+ kill streak, you become Primed. While Primed, Guardian earn three points per kill and their abilities recharge faster. This buff has its timer which extends whenever you earn a kill or an assist. And the important thing is to keep getting those kills and assists, as if your timer runs down to zero,you’ll explode. Also, while player has the Primed buff, they are visible to all the other players in the match. At least one Primed player in the team triggers the Hunt, so now all other players get a boost to ability energy and the effect lasts until there is at least one Primed player. Unfortunately, the Hunt doesn’t now grant everyone extra points per kill, only Surging and Primed players can get them, but the ability regeneration is still a nice feature for the whole squad.

Source: Bungie

Bungie has also ditched power level advantages for Iron Banner. It now works just like standard Crucible matches with normalized power and gives all players somewhat equal chances to fight, regardless of their gear and progress. You can still put those hard-earned levels to use in Trials or raids, but your Iron Banner performance is no longer power dependent, so you’re free to run whatever loadout you want.

The Iron Banner start time is, as usual, at weekly reset on Tuesday (5pm UTC). As no info is yet revealed about next season, we don’t currently have the whole Iron Banner 2022 schedule, but once Bungie spills the beans, we’ll update this guide right away.

How to Rank Up?

Season of the Risen was the last where we saw the token/bounty reward structure as it was. Now tokens are removed from the game for good, and weekly bounties are replaced by daily challenges.

For those veteran Guardians familiar with the old ways, it’s not a secret that Iron Banner Destiny 2 ranks used to be a distinctive feature in the first game. Guess what? They’re back! Iron Banner has adopted a new progression system that works similar to what other playlist vendors have. Now, it’s all about ranks. There’s a total of 17 steps to climb before your progress is reset, and you earn an Iron Engram every time you hit a higher rank. You can encrypt your Engrams at the Cryptarch to get random Destiny 2 Iron Banner loot, or focus them at Lord Saladin’s for 100 Legendary Shards to target specific gear.

In order to rank up, you have to play matches and receive rank points. There’s a thing called Rank Boost: a multiplier is applied to your reputation gains, based on whether or not you’ve met certain requirements. Completing daily challenges increases the multiplier; so does equipping Iron Banner gear and emblems. Winning matches also gives you a slight boost, but it doesn’t add to the multiplier – you’ll just earn more points per match.

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Season 18 Iron Banner Rewards: Weapons & Armor

From the 17th season forward, there are no Iron Banner quest rewards. Every item from the loot pool is earned through rank-ups and Focused Decoding or drops from Engrams and as post-match rewards.

Two s17 Iron Banner weapons, as well as six returning ones, fill out this season’s impressive roster of legendary items:

Five of these Iron Banner gun drops come as guaranteed rank-up rewards, so if you want to get them all, you’ll have to hit Rank 16. Or try your luck with Engrams, that’ll work just as fine.

Source: Bungie

In the armor department, we have the Iron Forerunner five-piece Iron Banner set for each class. Players still debate on whether it’s Bungie’s ugliest set, but no matter the controversially received looks, this armor is still high-tier, issued with a unique intrinsic Iron Lord’s Pride perk that adds up to your chances of getting an Enhancement Prism as a post-match drop in IB. What’s more, if you’re looking for guaranteed 60+ high-stat pieces, Iron Forerunner is an excellent choice.


Another notable addition to Saladin’s domain is the all-new Iron Lord title. There are seven triumphs, sending you on the hunt for armor, weapons, ranks, and wins to prove your mastery in the mode and become the Iron Lord. What’s more, some of the requirements are in fact retroactive: if you were a hardcore IB player or farmed out at least some of its loot before, you might as well get a few challenges on the list completed automatically. But keep in mind: if you want to claim the title, you must get all the triumphs in a single season. Yeah, that’ll be a heck of a grind.

Source: Bungie

The next Destiny 2 Iron Banner launches on September 6, which means you still have a few days to get prepped. If there are any more changes or tweaks to the mode, we’ll cover them in our new guides or update this one, so stay tuned and don’t forget to visit to make your Destiny 2 experience chill and smooth.

Thanks for reading, fellow Guardians. Take care and see you soon!

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