How to Power Up Your Light Fast

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How to Power Up Your Light Fast

Or Power Level… Whatever you call it.

With the new year in Destiny 2 history launch, the power race begins. Some want to take part in the Raid on March 5th, others just want to be one of the first to reach the highest cap possible. Either way, let’s jump into the guide.


First, a couple of facts to make things straight. For the current season, the season of the Risen, the floor Power Level is 1350, which means everyone will start with this exact amount. Next, the soft cap is 1500 — as soon as you reach it, the usual drops won’t push you further. It’s time to the Powerful Cap — that you can get by completing activities that reward you with powerful engrams. It’s better to get the tier 1 engrams before the tier 2. Then the new cap, Pinnacle. At the previous one, achieved by Pinnacle engrams only and it is 1560. And, of course, you can push a bit harder to 1580 with the artifact.

Don’t forget, almost the first thing to do is to check if you have proper mods equipped in your Ghost shell: the bright light is an absolute miracle in terms of the fasting leveling process. Other handy things like drops focused on smth or more glimmer or resources might be helpful as well, so it’s a great idea to max your Ghost Shell for the full capacity and use these mods if you didn’t already.

Target Acquired

Perhaps, the most wanted power level is that for the new Raid. Recently, Bungie announced that the Vow of the Discipline (The Witch Queen Raid) Power Level would be 1530.

Basically, it’s not that hard to achieve, as if you’ll finish the new campaign on Legendary difficulty, you’ll already have 1520 for sure.

You’ll also get one of the two new Exotic armors as a reward for beating Legendary Campaign. Which is nice, to say the least.

So your course of action will be quite straight: finish the Legendary Campaign (it’s not that hard and have a save checkpoint every time you place a Campaign banner — separate from Raid one, they are free to use) and then, all of the powerful and pinnacle activities. But if you want to boost all of your characters to the max power available, there are other routes to take.

Raid release on March 5th, so if you’re solely focused on it, one week of point-blank power grinding will be more than enough to get your desired Light Level.

Ultimate boost

If you are aiming at the ultimate boost available, then your course of action should be like this:

In the first week, you’ll want to pick your main, finish the legendary campaign and powerful activities. Then, switch to the second character, don’t forget to swap the most powerful (in terms of power level) weapons to it, complete the same list as previously, and, finally, repeat with the third Guardian.

Work in progress

Now it’s time for the pinnacles. Complete all the activities left in the same order (first your main, then the other two characters).

For the second week, you’ll want to do almost all the same, but change the order of your Guardians, so your main will be the last one you’ll touch on that week. And that is, basically it, not very hard, ey?


Another thing you probably want to do before the raid is to make sure you have decent rolls and mods. Check your weapons perks and armors stats and ensure that your mods will be efficient enough in future fights.

It might be a good idea to refresh your memory on how the different puzzles and mechanics in other raids are working might be handy knowledge when you’re deep in the unknown.

And, of course, don’t forget to grab your fireteam — none will beat the raid alone! Good luck, Guardians!

Huckleberry out.

Note: If you’d like to skip the grind and still be on track to take part at The Day One Raid race, you can try out this service for the full boost or this one for weekly pinnacle completion.

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