Destiny 2: Growing Concerns Over Sudden Character Deletions

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Recently, a Destiny 2 player was shocked to find that one of their characters had gone missing upon logging into the game.

On both Twitter and Reddit, Zzephiris told the story of their warlock being deleted without their consent. No matter how hard they looked for the missing character, it was nowhere to be found.

Source: Reddit

However, there is little evidence to support the claim. Their DungeonReport profile is set to private. Thus, no one can verify the user’s character history. Fans aren’t convinced and are skeptical about the case. Despite this, the studio’s Community Manager, Liana Ruppert, responded to the post on Twitter. She said that the team was aware of the issue. But they can’t tackle the problem immediately as the studio doesn’t work on weekends.

A similar incident had happened before. Another user, CyanSolar, had their Titan mysteriously disappear. But at the time, Bungie was able to resolve the problem within days.

As of now, Bungie has advised fans against jumping to conclusions. But it’s not the first time the Destiny 2 community has had to contend with such issues. The amounts of reports related to deleted characters are rising each day. Many players worry that they, too, may fall victim to the glitch. Some even stop playing. They fear their characters may also be lost after much time and money are poured into the game. Fans are calling for a more thorough investigation from the company and are requesting in-detail information on the problem. They also suggest having a character’s restoration function. Bungie has noted players’ feedback. However, it’s not easy to implement such a feature immediately.

By Duong Tran

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