Get Ready for the Destiny 2 Latest Crucible Mode: Iron Banner Fortress

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The first Iron Banner of Season 19 is here, bringing a new mode for Guardians to try: Fortress.

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In this mode, players earn points by seizing three zones around the map. You receive a certain number of points for each under control at periodic intervals. One zone equals two points. Two equal four points. And owning all three, known as a Power Play, earns you six points.

The time intervals decrease as the match goes on. At first, they last for 15 seconds. But later in the game, you’ll only need 10 seconds to successfully secure an area.

It’s important to note that in Fortress, holding ground is prioritized over takedowns.

Cabal’s Empress, Caiatl, plays a vital role in the latest game mode. She will deploy two Drop Pods into the arena each match. The Drop Pod then generates a high-value zone. You will need to make your way past the guarding turrets to secure this sweet spot. Your effort will be handsomely rewarded as it awards more points over only 8 seconds. Capturing Caiatl’s spawned zone works as a catch-up mechanic and is crucial to winning the match. Don’t stand right under the Pod, however, as you will meet your demise doing so.


In Fortress, enemies are likely gathering around the dispute areas. Hence, it would be best to consider using area-denial weapons and abilities. Supers like Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn will significantly contribute to securing the zones, particularly the high-value ones.

If you want to increase your reputation in Iron banner, remember to equip up to 5 pieces of Iron Banner gear and emblems during matches. The event also features challenges that unlock throughout the week, offering the opportunity to earn Pinnacle engrams and an Iron Banner rank modifier by completing a certain number of matches on specific subclasses.

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