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Destiny 2 – Halloween-Themed Festival of the Lost Overview

The spooky season is upon us! And for all the enjoyers of dark and macabre, this is the best time of the year to embark on some haunted adventures in their favorite online games. The creators of Destiny 2, as always, stay in tune with the times and bring us an extraordinary, scares-inducing Destiny 2 Halloween event, which is promised to be filled to the brim with tons of new goodies activities, and themed stuff. In particular, the new Haunted Lost Sectors mode, the quest for the excellent Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle legendary weapon, and more rare and never-before-seen content.

The Destiny Halloween update is a major in-game event anxiously expected by the whole D2 community! It’s time to team up with the bravest, prepare for the entire season of spooks and scares, and enjoy exclusive rewards and activities. Ultimately free-to-play seasonal expansions will be available to all interested players who know their way around the Destiny 2 online experience.

When does the Festival of the Lost start? Who does one actually start partaking in the seasonal event? What’s so cool about it, and how much exclusive content is there exactly? Let’s figure all this out and point you in the proper direction for kicking off your chilling adventures during the Festival of the Lost.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost Guide – Where to Start and What to Do?

The primary timeline of the Festival of the Lost, of course, hits the spookiest time of the year – October. The whole Festival consists of several seasonal events that are taking place from October 12th to November 2nd. If you are an active member of the D2 worldwide community, indeed, you have been expecting this to happen for at least half a year. Here’s a comprehensive Festival of the Lost guide for you to quickly figure out all the basics and nuances of the update.

How does it work?

Seasonal events are mini-quests and adventures that don’t differ much in their nature from the classic-type D2 activities. Yes, this means that it is mainly about the much familiar mechanics of getting a specific currency, converting it into another currency, and investing it into further gameplay progress. If you are used to this while playing Destiny 2, you already get a good hang on the event.

In terms of this specific event, you will be earning Spectral Pages for passing all types of activities, including Gambit and Crucible matches, Strikes, exclusive seasonal tasks, and, basically, anything else you could think of to do in the realms of Destiny 2. To earn Spectral Pages, you will need to obtain and wear the exclusive Halloween mask given you at the very start of the event by Eva Levante, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

During the season, you will be able to transform the earned Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages by adding them to the Book of Forgotten. We explain this further on.

In any case, you should get all the basics figured out during the tutorial-esque quest Gone But Not Forgotten, which is your kick-off task to start the D2 Festival of the Lost experience.

Where to start?

First off, you need to:

Wearing a Halloween mask enables you to earn Spectral Pages and Candy for all completed activities. After these introductory actions, you will be able to start unlocking Haunted Lost Sectors, earning Spectral Pages, and transforming them for further progress in the Festival of the Lost 2021.

So once you put on the mask and start your Destiny Festival of Lost adventure, what you will need to do is:

How does the Haunted Lost Sectors mode work?

Haunted Lost Sectors is one of the essential Destiny Halloween quests where you team up with 3 companions through matchmaking and embark on the loot-rich, Halloween-decorated battle through the halls of Lost Sectors. Your goal is to reach the Summoning Rituals area.

The first boss

Once the ritual site activates, the Headless One is summoned – the first mini-boss that enables you to transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages upon each kill. After that, you may return to the Tower and access the Book of the Forgotten to turn in your collected Manifested Pages in exchange for goodies and bits of lore.

This is how you complete the Lost Sector. Now, all you need to do is speak to Eva Levante to complete the quest and claim some Festival of the Lost rewards, among which are the Hollow Sleep emblem, 50 Candy, and the epic Jurassic Green pulse rifle. On top of that, the more Spectral Pages you collect, the more Candy you get, which you can spend on themed Festival of the Lost Masks.

So apart from all that, there are also Haunted Lost Sectors chests with exclusive rewards, seasonal Triumphs, and really cool-looking special Halloween masks you can obtain for Candy. Let’s take a look at this Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost exclusives, too.

Haunted Lost Sectors chests and rewards you can out of them

The treacherous halls of Haunted Lost Sectors are filled with loot and special rewards you may collect from treasure chests, like exclusive Festival of the Lost armor, weapons, skins, lore entries, and more.

In particular, you can find caches and chests brimming with some great rewards, which may include:

And another great thing is that this time around you don’t need any special appliances to unlock chests (like the Cipher Decoder you needed during the previous year’s Halloween event).

Awesome masks to purchase for Candy

Masks are among the central goodies of the Festival of the Lost in Destiny – they are well-detailed, awesome-looking “face ornaments” inspired by various bosses and characters of D2 we all know and love (or hate (or love to hate)).

These include:

In order to wear them, you must first purchase the Masquerader’s Helmet from Eva Levante, upon which you will be able to put different masks. From there on out, you may simply visit the Tower and speak to Eva Levante to buy new masks. And don’t forget to keep your mask on while you’re playing to reap all the exclusive Destiny 2 Halloween rewards!

One more thing – you may wear masks you obtained during the previous years’ Destiny special events. They work just fine this year and surely expand your total collection of fantastic disguises.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost Triumphs

Along with all the mentioned major and minor exclusive goodies and activities, the Festival of the Lost also brings about special updated Triumphs. Keep in mind that these are only available during this seasonal event, and you won’t be able to access them ever again once the event ends in November.

Namely, this year’s Festival of the Lost Triumphs include the following:

Other challenges

There are also other miscellaneous challenges you may complete for special rewards during this year’s Halloween event in Destiny 2. These are great additions to major events and activities with great bonuses you’d want to grab, and they include:

Enjoy your Festival of the Lost to the Fullest

You may clearly see how much awesome stuff you may obtain and experience during the year’s festive Halloween season in D2. We hope this here Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 guide helps you get a good hang of it. Stay in tune to get more updates and timely acquire all the newly-introduced goodies.

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