Ultimate Guide to Lightfall’s Best Pulse Rifles

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Our series of Destiny 2 weapon guides is growing thanks to Pulse Rifles!

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Pulse Rifles are one of the most popular weapon types, which is in demand even among those who aren’t the biggest fans of this shooting style. Their consistent effectiveness is a source of delight, as they frequently provide an exceptional radius for engaging and dispatching enemies with precision. And in today’s guide, we’ll finally talk about what they are precisely suitable for and which ones are the best Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Pulse Rifle Guide

Among all of our canons, let’s begin our article with the Pulse Rifles themselves. This type of weapon fires bursts and is incredibly effective at medium and sometimes even longer ranges. They are beloved among players in all in-game modes thanks to their effectiveness in both PvE and PvP. There are currently five archetypes:

Lightweight and Adaptive Pulse Rifles are considered the best for PvE activities due to the high DPS among the Pulse Rifles. Still, those archetypes could also be considered the worst for PvP. High-Impact frames will show up best in Crucible because they’re the only ones capable of destroying in two head-shot bursts. Aggressive and Rapid Fire Frames are equally good in any activity but inferior to others.

Best PvE Pulse Rifle

Let’s start our list with the best weapons to fight any creatures across the galaxy. In total, we present five incredibly effective examples.

Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected Guide

If you’ve ever wondered: “Which are the best Pulse Rifles Builds to make with?” then the obvious answer is Outbreak Perfected. Its unique exotic perk will assist you in generating SIVA nanites upon landing rapid hits or critical takedowns, dealing damage to nearby enemies, and increasing the weapon’s damage based on their quantity. What’s more, it’s a weapon that you should definitely make a Catalyst, which makes these minions even more deadly and spawn additional numbers when the target is destroyed. 

Revision Zero

Revision Zero Guide

It’s worth mentioning right away that this Exotic cannot be obtained at the time of Season 20. If you own it, you are obviously lucky because you can see it more often at Pulse Rifles Meta. After the Mid-Season patch, the damage of Hakke Heavy Burst Fire has significantly improved, which is why Revision Zero could be used in Grandmaster quite often.

An Exotic perk is able to turn this Pulse Rifle into a full-fledged Sniper Rifle, the number of cartridges of which depends on Precision Hits. Since there can be a maximum of four shots in the ALT magazine, this pairs perfectly with one of the Catalysts that grants the Fourth Time’s the Charm perk. Vorpal Weapon helps with damage against Bosses, increasing it by 20%. There is every chance that Revision Zero would be a great gun in Season of the Deep.

Battle Scar

Battle Scar Guide

An old weapon from Warmind that’s returned to the game with some nice updated perks making it one of the best Lightweight Pulse Rifles. The new perk Kinetic Tremor has already proven itself for Endgame Activities. Three shockwaves appear at their place every 12 hits on the enemy, dealing a decent amount of damage. Surprisingly, these shockwaves trigger Shoot to Loot, which picks up Ammo after shooting them. Nevertheless, if you are not a fan of this perk, feel free to take Keep Away, as it improves Reload Speed, Range, and Accuracy.


Disparity Guide

We want to note right away that if you don’t have a Godroll or a crafted version of Disparity, then we strongly recommend that you construct Syncopation-53 since it has almost all of the above perks. The main problem is that, currently, there is no reliable method to obtain Disparity, leaving us with the only choice of praying to Xur and wait to see Xur location with our tool. However, we would still put it at S-rank in our Pulse Rifles Tier List if we had.

Perks like Rapid Hit and Outlaw will support you in speeding up reloading, which is always valuable for PvE. Headstone perk is perfect for Stasis Builds, as Precision Final Blow forms a crystal at the target’s location. If you aren’t a fan of Stasis, then choosing Frenzy, which boosts damage by 15% while in combat for 12 seconds, is always a good choice.

BXR-55 Battler

BXR-55 Battler Guide

If you last logged into Dares of Eternity a long time ago, then we recommend that you should definitely go back and farm the BXR-55 Battler. It is useful for Solar builds tied to grenades, and you can craft it at any time, which is ideal for Pulse Rifles for Lightfall. Demolitionist assists in producing grenade energy faster by annihilating enemies, while also refilling your gun after throwing grenades. At the same time, Incandescent fries foes, applying Scorch to all nearby enemies after defeating the combatant.

Best PvP Pulse Rifle

Now, let’s delve into the next game mode, where you’ll frequently come across this weapon type and find yourself screaming in frustration when someone takes Autumn Wind or something even more nightmarish. Now you can become the villain of this story by taking note of the following five guns.

No Time to Explain

No time to Explain Guide

In our opinion, of all the Exotic Pulse Rifles, No Time to Explain is ideal for PvP, especially if you are going to do Pulse Rifle loadouts for Lightfall:

  1. This weapon has excellent stats, namely range and stability
  2. The NTtE archetype is ideal for PvP, making dealing with the enemy in two bursts possible
  3. It has an excellent exclusive Time-Slip perk, which opens a portal with bullets flying out of it after ten crit shots, which aids in finishing off enemies

In all aspects, that’s a handy rifle, especially with excellent aim.

Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind Guide

You can always find Autumn Wind among the best Rapid-Fire Pulse Rifles. One of the main advantages is it’s easy to obtain, and even more so, farm. All you have to do is just play PvP. Even though this weapon has a huge assortment of perks, among them, we only need one for the third column and two for the fourth column.

All these perks will help you make shooting with this rifle much more enjoyable and efficient.

The Messenger

The Messenger Guide

The Messenger can be considered an absolute PvP classic due to its excellent Base Stats and incredible perks. In Column 3, there is nothing better than Rapid Hit, which improves Reload Speed and Stability, which plays a big role in this Pulse Rifle. Headseeker after buffs became a great perk, while the popular Kill Clip allows you to destroy Guardians in 5 hits instead of 6, which reduces your Time to Kill (TtK).

Phyllotactic Spiral

Phyllotactic spirall Guide

Phyllotactic Spiral arrived in the game with the release of Lightfall, and one of its main benefits is the ability to craft it. Among all the perks already described above, we haven’t analyzed only Keep Away. With it, you can improve your range, reload speed, and accuracy when there are no opponents within 15 meters, and with those weapon types, you are always at that distance. As you can see, judging all Pulse Rifles by stats and perks in Lightfall, Phyllotactic Spiral is no worse than others, and thanks to crafting, it is also much more appealing.

BXR-55 Battler


Unfortunately, after the long dominance of the BXR-55 Battler in Crucible, it received a nerf, namely a Zoom reduction. But that doesn’t stop it from being competitive with other Pulse Rifles, especially if you want to turn Destiny 2 into Halo.

Perpetual Motion is perfect for those who like aggressive gameplay. While you’re on the move, you’ll get bonuses to Stability, Handling, and Reload Speed, which is pretty cool for such a fast-firing weapon. Kill Clip is ideal for 6v6 matches, thanks to the additional damage after Final Blows that has never bothered anyone. Moreover, if you are a fan of Competitive or Trials, pick Rangefinder. It assists in bringing back the range that the BXR-55 Battler had before the nerf.

With small steps, we have reached the end of our guide, and we hope you were able to learn how to choose a Pulse Rifle for Lightfall. If you want to thank us somehow, having your comment and like will make our day better and make it clear that you want to see more of this kind of content. Do you require help farming weapons from a list or completing an activity? In that case, we recommend our Destiny 2 services, where you can even buy Destiny 2 weapons. You save time, and we do the routine!

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