Divinity Of The Black Garden

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You divine salvation is in the Gardens: Calibrate reality. Seek inevitability. Embody divinity.

Divinity. The weapon comes with the Shadowkeep expansion’s content. And this Exotic Trace Rifle is really one of a kind weapon, unique and powerful, something you can appreciate having with you on hardest missions and toughest battles, in high-level Nightfalls or raids, and other team-based activities.

Divinity’s lore is firmly connected with the story of the Black Garden or Garden of Salvation — the place where some of the Vex found themselves a God to adore and where eventually the weapon can be obtained.

Weapon perk

What makes this weapon one of the Best PVE weapons in Destiny 2? It perks!

The first one is Judgement: The first one is Judgement: Sustained damage with this weapon envelops the target in a field that weakens and stuns them. Strong against [Disruption] Overload Champions.

So you trap enemies in the bubble when you hold Divinity’s beam on them for a few seconds, which weakens and stuns your enemies. Shooting this field will deal bonus damage, so not only you but your fireteam can use at least one Divinity in Master Nightfall runs, for example.

The perk Penancetargets under the effects of Judgment long enough are struck with a burst of damage will be quite handy too, especially when you’ll find yourself surrounded by the army of enemies.

The quest

To obtain Divinity you’ll have to quite a bit of extra time in the Garden of Salvation.

Short version

The overview on the quest steps looks like this:

Step one: Minotaur Vex

To get the quest, head to the Lunar Battlegrounds on the Moon. From the Sorrow’s Harbor landing zone, head to the southeast until you reach the “Lunar Battlegrounds” location, which can be recognized as the opening area from the first Shadowkeep campaign mission.

Now, as soon as you get to the open area with the totems, drop down a hard left and duck into the cave on the far wall.

You’ve found a correct cave if you see a massive Vex gate. You may also recognize it as an opening area to the Garden of Salvation raid.

Move closer to the gate, and as it comes to life, the Vex starts pouring through. Defeat them and wait for a giant Minotaur to show up.

As you kill it, it’ll drop an Exotic engram on the ground. But instead of a normal Exotic Engram, you just get a ”What’s This … What’s This?” exotic quest step. So your journey to the Divinity begins.

Step two: Decryption

So your next task is, obviously, decryption of whatever this is. For doing so, you’ll have to visit three Lost Sectors on Nessus and find three hidden rooms in them. Head to Nessus, then.

The Orrery Lost Sector

The first lost sector The Orrery located in the Artifact’s Edge.

Find the entrance near the landing zone under the mountain, and defeat a bunch of Vex on your way through. In the main room, climb up to the ledge on the left, where the Hobgoblins were firing at you.

Climb up there, and continue climbing until you reach the next ledge. Then look for an alcove on the left.

You’ll find a data node inside that small room. Approach it to scan, fight the Vex who spawned as part of the security mechanism and scan it again, now successfully. Your quest step should be at 33%.

The Conflux Lost Sector

Next stop: The Conflux at the Cistern.

Find a way inside near the small waterfall of Vex…Milk? Radiolarian Fluid waterfall? You’ll know when you see it.

Stop as you reach this structure with the Nightmares floating around. The ledge you’re looking for is on the right from it.

And here it is, the construct you need to scan.

As you activate the node for the first time, get ready to fight some Vex that spawn behind. Then scan the node again.

The Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector

The final Lost Sector is the Ancient’s Haunt, located in The Tangle.

This one is easy to find.

Play through the Lost Sector as usual until you reach this round object with light in it.

Look for a cave on your left. You’ll see the data node quite clearly.

Scan and fight, like you did before, and you’ll finish this quest step.

Step Three: Kill the Vex

Not so easy part: to continue your decryption, you’ll need to repair Decryption Core. It used to be quite simple to achieve by launching in Vex Offensive, and there was more than enough.

But now, in 2022 realms, you have to jump into the Black Garden itself (Garden of Salvation raid) or find enough Vex on Moon to kill.

Your options on the Moon are somewhat limited as well: Vex is slightly present at the Hellmouth area and that cave with the Vex Gates you’ve already visited at the Lunar Battlegrounds.

Step four: Eris Morn Further decryption

As you are done with this quest step for good, return to an old friend Eris Morn to buy the next step of the quest. Spend 30 Phantasmal Fragments, that’s a full stack, at the Lectern to do so. And get ready for the raid run.

Step five: The Garden of Salvation

And here comes the hardest part: solving puzzles in the Garden of Salvation raid. This is better be shown than written, so here is Datto explaining everything you need to know to solve the puzzles and get Divinity. It will consume a lot of your time and require a coordinated team of Guardians, or, at least, an understanding of what to do.

Once you beat the boss, you’ll find two chests in the final room — one for your raid loot and one for Divinity, the Exotic Trace Rifle. Don’t forget to open the chest! Good luck, Guardian.

Huckleberry out.

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