Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2023: A Walkover for Titans?

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Destiny 2's Guardian Games 2023: A Walkover for Titans?

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2023 has commenced. The community is blooming with excitement. However, this year’s event may not be as competitive. Titans are expected to win the event, and the reason behind it is heartwarming.

Honoring Lance Reddick

Back in March, the movie and gaming industry suffered a great loss. Lance Reddick, the voice actor behind Commander Zavala, passed away at the age of 60. The news of his passing has deeply saddened the entertainment industry. Thus, the Destiny 2 community mourned the loss of their favorite voice actor by wearing the “Push Forward” emblem and standing before the Vanguard Commander as a way to pay respect and say their farewell to the person behind the Titan. And now, once again, they want to tribute the late actor by deciding on the winning class together.

The community’s efforts to honor Reddick and his role in Destiny 2 have led many to believe that the Titans will take home the gold medal this year. As the largest group of Guardians in the game, they also have a higher chance of winning due to the event’s mechanics. 

The Guardian Games Event

The Guardian Games is an annual event. It commemorates the classes by pitching the Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters against each other. Commencing on May 2 and spanning over the course of three weeks, the event will offer a series of exhilarating activities and events in which you can compete, earn Medallions, and assert dominance for your chosen class.  

To participate, first, you need to go see Eva Levante and accept the Guardian Game’s quest

To earn points for your class, you must complete a variety of activities and collect medallions, which are then placed on a pedestal in the Tower. Not only does this increase your class’s chances of winning, but it also earns you valuable rewards and the opportunity to obtain exclusive firearms, emblems, and shaders. Even your crafted weapons receive a boost during the event, making it a perfect chance to quickly level up your arsenal. 

As an added bonus, completing specific tasks on the free event card unlocks a unique shader and sparrow. And Eva also offers three Ghost Shells for sale tied to each class. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer, rest assured that you will finish the event with something to show for your efforts.

Teamwork is essential to complete activities and deposit Medallions on the podium to win daily, weekly, and ultimately, the entire event. The class with the most points at the end of the event will be crowned the ultimate winner

Will Titans Emerge as the Champion?

Will the Titans win the event? Or will Warlocks and Hunters take the lead? Only time will tell.

Nevertheless, the Destiny 2 community is always known for uniting under a single banner. And what could be a more worthy cause than paying tribute to Lance Reddick and his legendary character, Commander Zavala

As we eagerly await the final results, we want to hear from you. Which class do you think will emerge victorious? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and join in on the excitement of the Guardian Games. Whether your favorite class comes out on top or not, one thing is certain. This event has brought players together and united them under one thrilling banner of competition and camaraderie.

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Patty Dsays:

I think toxic community members will ruin it for Lance and its already showing this week with the lead being nowhere near what it was last week