Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023: Start Date and Rewards

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Guardian Games Return: Join the Competition on May 2

After months of rampant speculation and rumors circulating online, the official announcement for Guardian Games 2023 has finally arrived in Bungie’s latest blog post. This year promises to be jam-packed with fresh new features and challenges that are sure to excite the whole community. Commencing on May 2 and spanning over the course of three weeks, the event will offer a series of exhilarating activities and events in which you can compete, earn Medallions, and assert dominance for your chosen class. Before we dive deeper into this year’s contest, let’s take a look at Bungie’s official trailer for the Guardian Games 2023!

Let’s Get the Game Started

The Guardian Games is an annual event. It commemorates the classes by pitching the Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters against each other. The class with the most points at the end of the event will be crowned the ultimate winner.

To participate, first, you need to go see Eva Levante and accept the Guardian Game’s quest.

To earn points for your class, you must complete a variety of activities and collect medallions, which are then placed on a pedestal in the Tower. Not only does this increase your class’s chances of winning, but it also earns you valuable rewards and the opportunity to obtain exclusive firearms, emblems, and shaders. Even your crafted weapons receive a boost during the event, making it a perfect opportunity to level up your arsenal with ease.

As an added bonus, completing specific tasks on the free event card unlocks a unique shader and sparrow. And Eva also offers three Ghost Shells for sale that are tied to each class. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer, rest assured that you will finish the event with something to show for your efforts.

Teamwork is essential to complete activities and deposit Medallions on the podium to win daily, weekly, and ultimately, the entire event.

What You Can Expect in Guardian Games 2023


A new Crucible game mode called Supremacy will be featured. You can matchmake with your class against the others. So, for example, you’re a Warlock. Then, you’ll be in the same team with five other Warlocks to battle against another six-player party of Hunter or Titan. The objective is to collect class-branded crests and defeat your opponents. The crests are dropped by fallen Guardians. Be it belongs to your enemies or your allies, pick those up. By doing so, you will be rewarded with points crucial for winning the match. Complete the Supremacy quest, deposit Medallions, and light the torches in the Tower to secure your rewards.

Strike Scoring Returns

Strike scoring is back with updated challenges and new Strike Medals. You’ll be able to unlock weapon and ability buffs if you manage to get scores high enough. However, they only work in Guardian Games playlists. By achieving high scores, you can advance through the various missions and unlock deserving prizes for illuminating the torches throughout the Tower. Your class item will also change color and glows if your weekly score is the highest.

New “Champ” Title

The Event Card is free and used to complete challenges and earn rewards, including two new Exotic emotes. Completing every challenge earns the Champ title and you can gild it by scoring some extra Triumphs. 


Competitors have the chance to obtain the two coveted weapons. We’ve got the chance to catch a glimpse of the Taraxippos Legendary Strand Scout Rifle before. And now, it’s time to see said firearm in its official glory.

(Source: Bungie)

While that, let’s welcome the return of The Title, a lethal Void Submachine Gun. It boasts the formidable Repulsor Brace Perk, which activates an Overshield upon eliminating a target affected by the Suppression, Weaken, or Volatile effects, giving players an extra layer of protection in battle. 

(Source: Bungie)

Guardian Games Cup

The Guardian Games Cup has returned. It is now open to all participants. So, gather your comrades! It’s time to enter the thrilling competition and put your skills to the test in two categories: Technical and Charitable. What’s even better is that by participating, you can both have fun and make a positive impact on the world. As you will have the chance to contribute to the Bungie Foundation’s noble mission. 

In the Technical category, the ultimate goal is to outdo other teams by attaining the highest number of medals dunked. While that, the Charitable category centers around monitoring the cumulative amount of funds raised via your team’s Bungie Foundation registration page. 


The teams that shine in each category will be handsomely rewarded with some fantastic prizes. The spoils for each category are stackable, meaning that the top-ranking team in each category will acquire the rewards from the preceding ones as well. If a team manages to dominate in both categories, they’ll get double the rewards.

How to Sign-up

Assemble your squad of fearless Guardians, from solo players to teams of six, and sign up for Guardian Games here. Designate a team captain to register and lock in your team’s spot. After registration, the captain can share the unique link with their teammates. You can then customize your page to your liking. Once your team is all set up, share your link with friends and followers for them to make contributions and show your team their support. 

Donation Reward for Participants

By donating $25 and above, you will become the rightful owner of the Quantum Relay emblem.

So mark your calendars for May 2 and get ready to join the competition in the Guardian Games. It’s time to show your skills, rally your classmates, and claim victory in the ultimate competition for Guardians. For more in-detail information, check out Bungie’s blog post.

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