Destiny 2: What Will Happen to Zavala?

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The passing of Lance Reddick, a talented actor in both the movie and gaming industries, continues to be deeply felt in the entertainment world. Over nine years, he had been the voice of Destiny 2’s beloved character: Zavala. With the actor ending his journey at the age of 60, the Vanguard leader’s fate is hanging in uncertainty.

“What will happen to Zavala?” has been a question circulating online, sparking a lot of ideas and speculation. It is unclear how much work Reddick had already recorded for future content. Some fans have speculated that Bungie may recast the role or use AI to replicate the actor’s voice. However, it is unlikely that either of these options is worth pursuing. Very few possess a voice as distinctive as Reddick’s, making recasting a challenging task. Furthermore, utilizing AI to replicate his voice would be a direct disrespect to the late artist.

Instead, it is expected that the Titan will be written out of the game in a way befitting Reddick’s decade-long performance. Fans hope the character may meet his end in some heroic fashion, leaving a lasting impact on the franchise for the time to come. Bungie’s challenge right now, though, is to create a fitting final act for the Vanguard leader without resorting to off-screen lore or blog posts.

No matter what happens, Reddick’s performance as Zavala remains an immortal part of Destiny 2’s legacy. He will be missed, but his impact on the game and its community will never be forgotten.

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frankie smalessays:

I don’t think that this is the appropriate time speaking of recasting weeks after the passing of lance that’s upto his family and bungie to decide going forward at least give it months.

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