Destiny 2: The Layoff Monday Is Bungie's Work, Not Sony

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Destiny 2: The Layoff Monday Is Bungie's Work, Not Sony

As per the latest information shared by Paul Tassi, the recent layoffs are entirely Bungie’s decision. And Sony has nothing to do with it.

Recent days have witnessed the Destiny 2 gaming community plunged into dismay. The FPS title is facing one of the most challenging periods it has encountered in years. The Final Shape and Marathon release dates are delayed. And this directly stems from Bungie’s mass layoffs. It’s a devastating blow to not only the employees, but also the company’s player base.

Numerous skilled individuals who played pivotal roles in shaping the game have now been cut off. Among them is the talented composer, Michael Salvatori. Despite his exceptional abilities, he was also unable to evade this tumultuous event. Along with the other employees, he has been abruptly severed from the company on this week’s nightmarish Monday.

At first, fans speculated that the mass layoffs might be part of Sony’s strategy to replace Bungie’s workforce with their own. However, in a recent revelation by Paul Tassi, it has become evident that this decision rests solely with Bungie. Sony bears no responsibility for the unfortunate job losses suffered by these individuals.

The Destiny 2 community currently resides in a state of profound shock and disappointment. Players are all disheartened by what appears to be the callous decisions of Bungie’s upper management. These developments have left gamers burdened with the fear that the situation may worsen even more. To make matters worse, Bungie has yet to voice its side of the story. However, it’s doubtful that their statement will lighten the situation.

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