Destiny 2 Server Issues: Bungie Shares Explanations and Plans

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Destiny 2 Server Issues: Bungie Shares Explanations and Plans

Bungie has ended the excruciating silent treatment. The studio is finally ready to address the frustrating server issues in Destiny 2. In their latest TWID, they provided explanations to fans and shared their plans to tackle the crisis. 

In recent times, Destiny 2 players have been grappling with a plethora of mounting problems. Error codes. Frequent outages. Constant maintenance. They all combine and make the game hardly playable.

To make matters worse, Bungie has kept its lips sealed about what’s going on. Fortunately, the silent treatment has come to an end. Now, the studio is ready to communicate. While the news brings both hope and concern, fans find it much better than being kept in the dark.

Identifying the Culprit

Destiny 2 Server Issues: Bungie Shares Explanations and Plans

Bungie attributes the server problems primarily to Claims. It’s a critical component of the game’s infrastructure. The system is responsible for tracking moment-to-moment gameplay. Thus, routing vital elements like takedowns, orbs, and currency to the correct recipients. The changes made to Claims ahead of the Lightfall expansion improved stability during peak periods. But instead, they affected the overall stability due to issues related to error recovery functionality.

The Impact and Ongoing Challenges

These issues have resulted in the emergence of well-known error codes. For instance, Weasel and Baboon. Thus, often leading to hard restarts of either the Claims service itself or the entire Destiny 2 infrastructure. Consequently, players have to experience constant downtime. Bungie is actively working on minimizing these disruptions. However, the developer emphasizes that this is a complex process. Time and caution are strictly required to avoid exacerbating the situation.

Roadmap for Stability Fixes

Destiny 2 Server Issues: Bungie Shares Explanations and Plans

Bungie has created a clear plan to tackle the stability problems in Destiny 2. They have laid out a roadmap that outlines specific improvements for the upcoming seasons, 22 and 23. The immediate focus includes streamlining diagnosis procedures and minimizing disruption windows. These enhancements aim to make the game more stable, improve recovery from issues, and enhance overall service quality. For more in-detailed information, be sure to check out Bungie’s TWID.

Bungie’s explanation of the situation has helped ease fans’ frustration for now. But players should still be ready for more problems and new challenges coming their way. It’s a rough path that the Destiny 2 community will need to go through. So, it’s important to be patient during this time. 

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