Is Destiny 2 Dead 2023: Players Quit Game for Diablo IV

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Is Destiny 2 Dead 2023: Players Quit Game for Diablo IV

“Is Destiny 2 dead 2023?” is one of the most asked questions as of late. Many players have expressed concerns and frustration about the game’s current state. Thus, they have been advising each other to shift their attention to Diablo IV and other games instead of continuing to play the FPS title. 

Destiny 2 finds itself at a precarious juncture. The game is grappling with a multitude of issues that have prompted players to question its longevity. Questionable monetization strategies. Constant maintenance. Lack of communication. Unnecessary patching while other problems lie dormant. Lack of communication. Lack of end-game content. And that’s just the tip of what’s going on right now. Destiny 2 is no doubt in a rough patch. And it’s heading down one of its lowest points since its first release in 2017. 

The question mentioned above actually has been circling the Internet for years. But it’s only recently that the community has become furious enough to consider quitting the game for good. In addition to the troubling monetization problem we discussed last week, there are even more issues popping up. If you are curious, take a look at the Bungie Help Twitter account. You’ll see that the game has been plagued by bugs and disruptive gameplay for several months now.

“Emergency maintenance” has become somewhat of a routine.

Some haven’t been playing the game for weeks.

Many leave Destiny 2 to play Diablo IV.

Others decided to refrain from opening the title until The Final Shape is released.

Lightfall has been breaking records left and right. According to data from Steam Charts back in April, it even surpassed The Witch Queen in terms of average player numbers. Yet, the DLC is becoming one of the most controversial expansions in the game’s history. It’s disheartening to witness its current state and the dark abyss it’s falling into. It feels like Bungie is channeling all its resources into Marathon and neglecting Destiny 2 to the brink of no return. All in all, Destiny 2 is not yet dead, but one can only hope that Bungie will offer its player base a glimmer of hope to keep them engaged with Lightfall until the very end.

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