Destiny 2 Fishing Enthusiasts Suffer from Idle Detection

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Destiny 2 Fishing Enthusiasts Suffer from Idle Detection

Destiny 2 has recently introduced a fishing mechanic in Season 21, delighting players with a new way to relax amidst the chaos. However, an unexpected hurdle has emerged, leaving avid fishing enthusiasts disheartened and frustrated. All because of the game’s idle detection system.

A Tranquil Respite Turns Troublesome

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep allows players to venture into the methane oceans of Titan. Thus, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility before heading back to the battles ahead. Similar to other games, players can select their fishing spot, cast their reel, and patiently wait for a bite. Each fish has its own rarity, making it highly satisfying to reel in your rod and discover a rare one at the end.

However, little did the Guardians know that this newfound serenity would soon be overshadowed.

Losing Catch and Vanishing Spots

Concerns arise regarding the game’s idle detection system. A viral Reddit clip showcases a player being abruptly kicked to orbit due to perceived inactivity while fishing. Because of this, players can’t help but lose all of their hard-earned fish. Unlike other loot in the game, uncollected fish do not automatically go to the postmaster.

Adding to the scorching situation, fishing spots also temporarily disappear when nearby public events take place. Thus, interrupting and ending long fishing streaks. That being said, hours and hours of spending at the fishing spot atone for nothing but the mounting frustration.

Destiny 2’s fishing feature is undoubtedly one of the exciting attractions in Season 21. However, the inactivity detection system has introduced unexpected hardships for enthusiasts. Getting kicked out of the game, crashes, fishing spots’ disappearance, everything has added irritation to an otherwise enjoyable experience. The community is hoping that Bungie will soon fix these issues.

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