Destiny 2 Fans Upset with Bungie’s Mid-Season Patch Notes

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Destiny 2 Fans Upset with Bungie's Mid-Season Patch Notes

Bungie’s mid-season Patch notes have stirred up quite a hornet’s nest. Destiny 2 fans are expressing their disappointment and frustration on all fronts. 

It may be confusing if you haven’t been playing the game as of late. After all, wasn’t everyone excited about all the weapon buffs and meta modifications just a few days ago? Well, they were. The mid-season update is something that people had high hope for. The whole community was eager to witness how the game’s meta would transform. However, said changes have come with a hefty price tag that has triggered an uproar of discontentment. Sure, the firearm buffs and gameplay enhancements are there. But several major tweaks not revealed in the official Patch notes are also taking place.

One of the significant modifications that weren’t announced associates with an essential ability of the Guardians. Apparently, generating Orbs of Power via the interaction of the Firepower and Heavy-Handed mods won’t be as effective as before. It has been reduced.

Additionally, the Strand Grapple ability has also been affected. It now proves more challenging to chain grapples together. Moreover, it will no longer receive a Super ability bonus while utilizing the Ashes to Assets mod. To make matters worse, the mid-season update has eliminated a prominent farming method in Neomuna. Now, it’s more difficult for players to earn XP, weapons, and other materials.

The community has already expressed their displeasure on many occasions since Lightfall’s release. Both the latest DLC and Season of Defiance have fallen short in terms of narrative. Thus, many held high hopes for the mid-season update to redeem the game’s shortcomings. Yet, what happened has left them feeling beyond disappointed. Players believe that Bungie could have provided a more effective delivery of information about all the changes made. So they may adapt and prepare more efficiently.

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