Destiny 2: Bungie Confirmed Massive Weapon Damage Buffs

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In a recent Season of the Deep leaks, we have covered what might come to Destiny 2 in the near future. One of the article’s major topics was weapon updates. And in the latest TWAB, Bungie has confirmed them to be accurate. However, players won’t have to wait until Season 21 to experience the changes. Instead, the firearms are in line to receive a mid-season buff.

Lightfall came with significant difficulty increases that some players found too tedious. In fact, the developers had to tune it down a notch to appease its franchise. But they don’t stop at just that. They have announced plans to buff multiple primary weapon classes in its upcoming mid-season update to balance out the game:

Other than that, Bungie has more specific adjustments in the process:

The studio will also make some tweaks to Exotic weapons. Final Warning, Tarrabah, and Revision Zero are all on the list. As the developers want to focus on adjusting excessively imbalanced arms.

They aim to improve gameplay without dramatically changing the DLC’s current meta. Hopefully, these changes will bring pleasant experiences to the players and address issues with balance that have arisen in recent times.

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