Bungie Joins Forces with Sony on “Unannounced Projects”

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Famous for titles like Destiny and Halo, Bungie seems to be aiming for bigger goals. Recently, they have confirmed their partnership with Sony on “unannounced projects.”

Tom Farnsworth, the company’s Senior Lead Designer, tweeted about the matter. He stated that the studio was receiving Sony’s support.

Players speculate one of these mysterious works may be the new IP the studio planned to launch by 2025. Other than that, 10 live service games set to launch by March 2026 are also under suspicion. After all, the two companies mentioned their cooperation on these titles back in 2022.

Another possibility fans are getting excited about is the Destiny mobile version. In conjunction with NetEase, the game will be a first-person shooter. It’s expected to use the same Tiger engine as Destiny 2.

As further information has yet to be given, what comes next remains to be seen. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.

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