Bungie 30th Anniversary Content Overview

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What’s New?

December 7 is an interesting day that brought the long-awaited content pack to us, alongside some free activities, it is the day, when Destiny 2 Anniversary pack become available for everyone. New weapons, new quests, activities—take some time and give it a try.

Gjallarhorn Is Back

“Wield Gjallarhorn and inspire every Legendary Rocket Launcher in your fireteam to howl a little… louder.”

An iconic weapon makes its return with the Bungie 30th Anniversary—so make sure to grab the 30th Anniversary pack at least for it—the Gjallarhorn is worth every penny. Not only it’s one of the most famous weapons from the Destiny series it’s a powerful Rocket Launcher, but it’s also a fearsome weapon that will tear your enemies apart with its Wolfpack Round.

Source: Bungie

This weapon is a beast in a good way: every boss you’ve met will deeply regret crossing your way and will no more be a trouble for you or your fireteam. Packed with unique perks Wolfpack Rounds split fired rounds into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation and Pack Hunter—the weapon gains increased handling and reload speed when standing near allies. Firing this weapon also grants Wolfpack Rounds to nearby allies wielding non-Exotic Rocket Launchers. It’s time for Big Guns!

Stranger & Stranger: New Exotic Sidearm Forerunner

Our old mysterious friend Xûr, agent of the Nine, now has something more to offer: a new exotic quest open for everyone willing to take part.

Source: Bungie

Forerunner is clearly a Halo-inspired weapon, looks like CE Magnum was a prototype for the gun. You can get one as a reward for completing the “Magnum Opus” quest: on your way to getting this weapon, you’ll collect Strange Coins, buy the Strange Key, and try to find where to use it in the Eternity Valley.

Forerunner uses Special ammo and has two special perks:

Pace Yourself gives the weapon more accuracy and less recoil when you tap the trigger.

Full Stop gives Forerunner extended range and higher damage rounds. It can be fired in full auto and deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.

It also has an Exotic Catalyst. The Exotic Catalyst grants a new perk called The Rock, which allows players to spend reserve ammo after a kill to transform their next grenade into a Halo-style frag grenade.

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon

The fourth dungeon in Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice is a part of the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack. This adventure is pirate-themed and the dungeon is filled with loot from Bungie’s past. Here you can find original Destiny weapons like Eyasluna, our even more historical Bungie-styled loot like the Claymore from Myth. Dungeon set in the small cave on the side of the wall—famous loot cave. Some of the new weapons require a passage through including Gjallarhorn and incredible Thorn Armor Sets. Or maybe you desire the iconic Eyasluna Hand Cannon? Well, it’s time to grind the dungeon, learn mechanics and loot it all then.

Source: Bungie

Dares of Eternity—Free Content Alert

For those who decided not to buy a new pack for any reason, the update brings a new 6-man PvE activity, that has a lot to offer and new rewards as well. For those of you Guardians, familiar with The Reckoning, the Dares of Eternity might bring the same vibes, but it will surprise you nonetheless. Unveil the secrets lays hidden, overcome your enemies and bring victory for your kind—you know the drill.

Source: Bungie

For the first time, Xur will help you find a way to the Dares, and then alongside Starhorse, who really is, well, a Star Horse, will guide you through the rest of your journey.

Quick note: since Dares of Eternity also brings Champions depending on the faction, make sure to have a few mods or weapons with anti-Champion capacities, so you could deal with them easily.

Guns Out

Source: Bungie

Inspired by Bungie’s past—that’s what it is, and for no means, even a glimpse on those brings a nostalgic mood and remembrance of a company that once made Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon.

Take the Sword Half-Truths for example. Inspired by the Halo Energy Sword, the weapon can roll with Eager Edge, increasing lunge range upon swapping to this weapon. The first Legendary Trace Rifle Retraced Path in Destiny 2 was inspired by the Halo: Reach. Good rolls can include perks like One for All, Disruption Break, Subsistence, Shoot to Loot, and Golden Tricorn (final blows grant increased damage. While active, grenade or melee kills that match your subclass greatly increase the damage buff and duration).

Another Sword Hero Of Ages is inspired by the claymore from Myth and can roll Demolitionist and Chain Reaction simultaneously.

First Tex Mechanica Legendary Shotgun Wastelander M5 can roll with Harmony or Adagio as well as Slideshot or One-Two Punch.

Everyone will find something interesting to play with, something to remember, and something to experiment with. What are your weapons of choice?

Take Closer Look

Fans-favorite Eyasluna now deals Stasis damage and can roll with a Darkness-specific perk Headstone that makes precision final blows spawn a Stasis crystal at the victim’s location. Along with an old-style Hands Cannon classic: Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Kill Clip.

Another famous weapon is a Battle Rifle. Or it was in Halo? Sure, in Destiny 2 it’s BXR-55 Battler, and this gun is crucial in PvP arenas. A solid Pulse Rifle, packed with Blunt Execution Rounds can increase handling and damage dramatically when you damage nearby combatants with melee abilities. Expires after a short duration or the next shot. Or roll yourself Outlaw, Kill Clip version for the classic vibes.

Get a Bungie 30th Anniversary Boost

If you would like some help through your journey you can find it here, from the dungeon completion to the weapons farm: we are here for you.

Whatever your in-game trouble is we can help with it.

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