10 Things to do before Lightfall

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Every day we are getting closer and closer to the release of Lightfall, which will turn the world of Destiny 2 from head to toe. Therefore, every self-respecting Guardian is already fully preparing for Lightfall. Many players have begun to return to the game or just starting to explore the game. Some long-term players are preparing everything they need for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion. And yet most of the players need to figure out what they need to do before the release of a major DLC. For this reason, we have made this Lightfall preparation guide.

Here we have compiled ten tips, each of which will help you much better immerse yourself in the upcoming adventure into the Neon Metropolis. So, start the game, and take out a pen and notepad, because we have a lot of things to do!

Complete all previous expansions and stories from recent seasons

One of your friends who is just starting to play Destiny 2 asks you: “What to do before Lightfall comes out?” — immediately tell them to go through Expansions. That’s excellent advice for newbies, as many of them may have missed this important content. Each of you can start your journey with this shooter by starting passing the Shadowkeep, continuing with Beyond Light, and ending with The Witch Queen. Each of these story adventures is important. If you skip them, you will miss dozens of hours of entertaining and engaging missions and lose the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the main plot of the latter’s game.

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After that, you can safely start exploring the content of the last seasons, namely seasons 16, 17, 18, and 19. Each of them has its own unique themed content, which will no longer be in the game with the release of the future DLC. At the same time, these storylines build a direct path from TWQ to LF that will not be available for passing if you don’t hurry up to check them out. Explore all of this content before Lightfall comes out because you will regret not being able to get exclusive items from those seasons.

Bounty Prep

Bounty Prep is one of the most important things to do before each new Season or DLC is out. You may not want to spend time leveling up your seasonal artifact or Season Pass level on the Lightfall release. To do this, many players complete many different bounties in advance, which give a lot of EXPs, and only at the start of the add-on receive rewards for them. Be sure to do this on all of your three characters. Remember, this needs to be completed before Season of the Seraph ends!

Explore storylines and lore

Unfortunately, you will not be able to immerse yourself in the original Destiny 2 story campaign, its first expansions, and Forsaken, as Bungie has temporarily removed them and put them into the content vault. The same goes for older Seasons, up to season 15, as you can no longer experience their plot.

Fortunately, the situation is resolved by videos about the lore and the plot of Destiny. In this video, you will be answered all the most important questions regarding the history of this game. As well as learn many details that you have not even heard of before. For example, it even describes the events before the start of the original Destiny story. One of these high-quality videos was made by the famous content creator Evaze, and we recommend you check it out.

Complete all Raids and Dungeons

What can you do before the Season of the Seraph ends? Hmm…. How about doing Raids and Dungeons? Sure, these activities need good friends and lots of them, but these are really important and interesting activities with good loot to help you create the perfect loadout for you. Many of the best exotic and legendary guns in the game, tons of armor and cosmetics, meaningful pieces of lore and story, as well as exciting mechanics and objectives — in these missions, and they are worth your time. You should try to pass them at least once — this is an unforgettable experience. Even if you don’t have good friends, you can always find strangers on LFG or ask WowVendor professionals for help because we provide such services.

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Сraft Seasonal weapons

Since all last Seasons will be removed at the release of the new expansion, you must craft seasonal weapons before Lightfall. The year of the Witch Queen has been full of different guns, some of which are worthy of special attention: Austringer, which has excellent perks for both PVE and PVP, IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 with awesome perks for all situations, and the new Pulse Rifle Disparity. It will take a long time to list all the good guns and, even more, to open the possibility of crafting them. We advise you to find the ones you like the most and craft them.

Get all the Exotics and Legendaries you want

We wonder if, during the new add-on, you will have at least one thought about the weapons of past seasons and expansions. That is why we advise you to do it right now! Go to Raids and Dungeons if you didn’t get the desired roll, and don’t forget to complete all exotic quests. Upgrading all your Catalysts can also be a helpful solution, making exotic weapons even more substantial. There are many guns and Catalysts to farm, and you can safely add all this to your Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph checklist.

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Paraversal Haul prep

Some people have yet to learn about this tip, but it helped many players at the start of The Witch Queen. We are talking about Paraversal Haul, which can be obtained through contracts, as well as bought from Starhorse. Armor and weapons that will drop from these mystery boxes will have a higher Power level rating each time. This way, you will quickly pump your power up to the soft cap, and you don’t have to worry about it until the end of the Lightfall story company. So if you don’t have on your mind things to do in Destiny, then welcome to Dares of Eternity.

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Prepare the perfect build for your class

With the release of The Witch Queen, players have faced new legendary story missions that only the most experienced guardians can complete. Many even get stuck in them for long hours and start thinking about creating the perfect build for their class. For this reason, creating a build is one of the best things to do at the end of Season 19. Thank our Telesto God, this game gives players such freedom, which is why players create builds so strong that they turn into unkillable machines to destroy everything in their path. If you’re interested, we even did an article on creating Arc 3.0 Builds, so feel free to research it.

Farm resources

Resources farming should be the number one priority in your Destiny 2 Season 19 checklist. All Guardians know that they won’t last long without Ascendant Shards and Enhancement Prism. They can be obtained using a Season Pass or bought from Rahool, but there are better ways than these. The most reliable and efficient way to farm them is Nightfalls. On high difficulties such as Master and Grandmaster, the chance of these resources dropping is relatively high compared to other difficulties, so you will have to increase your Power level. We also advise you to farm on the week when there is x2 drop for Nightfalls.

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The Dawning event

You might have missed this because Bungie didn’t make the Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph roadmap. However, the Dawning seasonal event is happening right now. It is a festive event that pleases Guardians worldwide with its Christmas mood and allows you to knock out valuable loot and farm profitably. Right now is the best time to prepare for Lightfall, especially with a holiday like this around the corner.

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Truthfully, this is all we can advise you to do before the release of the expansion. The game’s community still doesn’t know if we’ll see the Destiny 2 Lightfall roadmap, as the studio has long since abandoned them. The latest Season is proof of that. Nevertheless, each of the described steps will help you in one way or another. For example, in the fight against Darkness on Legendary difficulties or familiarize yourself with the available content. Knowing all this, you will not run around with panic on various forums, asking for help with farming or other problems. We may not be able to predict the future of Destiny 2, but these steps will help us deal with it.

We hope that with this guide, we have saved you many sleepless nights and that you can continue to enjoy Destiny 2. If you liked our Lightfall prep guide, then be sure to tell your friends about it!

Thanks for reading, and good luck, Guardians!

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