Best Arc 3.0 PvE Builds

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Over the past year, Bungie has been hard at work reworking all classes in Destiny 2, and with the new Season of Plunder, the developers have introduced Arc 3.0. This was a big event for many players, and many were delighted with the significant changes in the subclass. In particular, Arc 3.0 in PvE is worth noting since all notable features are revealed here.

Today we will talk about all the best Arc 3.0 builds for each class in the game. Let’s look into the variety of builds for Hunter, find out exactly how Warlock’s relationship with Arc has changed, and disappoint the Titans due to the lack of different types of builds for his class. Of course, we will try to answer the not-so-simple question: What is the best Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 build for PvE right now?

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Hunter’s Builds

Let’s start with the most mobile and deadly class – Hunter. Before the Arc Subclass update, this class was relatively weak in PVE due to the controversial Super, which was useless against bosses. However, with the Season of Plunder, Hunters got a brand new ultimate – Gathering Storm, which is used in the best Hunter Arc 3.0 PvE builds. With this Super, you can throw a spear at enemies, causing large amounts of damage to an area’s mobs. But that’s not all the changes! Hunters received a long-awaited item from Destiny one – Blink. Of course, it is more useful in PvP, but Arcstriders can also enjoy playing with him in PvE.

Source: Bungie

With the release of the new Super, players immediately became interested in the damage inflicted by it, and it turned out to be rather considerable. And what will happen if in any way to make it even stronger? Here the famous Star-Eater Scales came to the rescue! Our first build is just tied to this Leg Armor.

Star-Eater Scales Build

Let’s analyze our build and start with what this Exotic does. It’s simple: pick up Orbs of Power when your Super is charged, thereby increasing its damage. Since the new mod system from Lightfall is completely built around Orbs, Star-Eater Scales would be a great choice. We will generate Orbs of Power through Combination Blows using Heavy Handed. But where is the best place to spend Armor Charge? Of course, it’s best to increase the gun’s damage from Weapon Surge Mods. Since the whole gameplay is revolving around the Melee ability, Focusing Strike and Impact Induction won’t be superfluous.

You could say that a build based on one Super is pretty boring, especially when there is such an interesting Melee Ability as Combination Blow. Defeating targets with this ability fully refills your class ability energy and restores a small amount of health, and it also increases your melee damage when defeating a target, stacking three times. Although it is pretty powerful on its own, you can make it even stronger with the Lethal Current aspect. Because of it, after dodging, your next melee attack jolts the target and creates an after-damaging shock. Since you will often kill with our Melee Ability, Melee Wellmaker will come in handy. It will generate Arc wells, picking up which you will get a little charge of abilities, and also increase the damage of your Arc weapons with the help of Font of Might.

This build is perfect for Nightfalls, Dungeons, and even Raids due to serious damage and good survivability, and our next build is not as effective but extremely fun and enjoyable! It can definitely be called one of the best Arc Hunter build in PvE!

Liar’s Handshake Build

This exotic simply increases the damage of your melee attack and heals you when you use your Arc melee ability or are being hit by a melee attack. Sounds simple, but in practice, it’s precisely the same. This Gauntlet is very good on its own and can only be played with them, but we want more fun, right? As you can see, super aspects and fragments are almost the same because they are good on their own, but the mods are different here. Since this Build is all about Melee, we’ll use Heavy Handed to get Armor Charge and Hands-on to restore Super quickly. You can spend these charges wherever you want, even using Grenade Kickstarts or improving characteristics with the help of Font mods. This is the whole build! Just hit the enemies with your fists, and they will die a terrible death.

This build is excellent for Legend and Master Lost Sectors and can come in handy even in Nightfalls and Dungeons. We wrote about the most popular Destiny 2 Hunter builds in PvE. So, for now, let’s move forward.

Warlock’s Builds

Now we move on to another fan-favorite class in the game – Warlock. Perhaps it will not surprise anyone that Arc 3.0 also makes them fast and dangerous like lightning. Previously, this subclass mainly was needed for simple mob clearing, and it doesn’t even need to compete with Solar or Void in this regard. You can expect very interesting builds with new exotics and some subclass changes!

Source: Bungie

Right away, we can say one thing: of the two available super abilities for every Arc Warlock build in PvE, only Stormtrance is worth taking since this is the most powerful ability among the other two. In some guides, you might have seen a recommendation in the form of Chaos Reach, but in PvE, it doesn’t make much sense, and you have to stand still, putting your life at risk, which can play a trick on you in challenging missions. You could try it in PvP, but spoiler: nothing changes, and you are always risking your life.

Crown of Tempest Build

Let’s start with the analysis of our first build. The whole point of this one is to create as many wells as possible and quickly regenerate your abilities. For Warlock Stormcaller, in particular, the main point is to spam their abilities as often as possible. Therefore, we strongly recommend installing the mods for Melee and Grenades, which gives you class ability energy every time you cause damage. Why take the Crown of Tempest? That’s because every time a player kills enemies with electroshock or Arc Abilities, his ability to regenerate increases by up to 500% for up to three stacks, and our ultimate (Stormtrance) lasts MUCH longer (up to a minute). This is where Arc Soul comes in handy because after killing enemies, it activates this exotic, and you get stacks of Conduction Tines.

As you might have guessed, this build best uses grenade launchers like Forbearance or Salvager’s Salvo to create more wells and Orbs of Power, but we can warn you that the whole build works thanks to grenades and melee, so it’s not absolutely necessary.

Now let’s explain how the Crown of Tempest Build works. Using any ability, you will accumulate abilities almost instantly. Place Healing Rift, Arc Soul kills enemies, and you get ionic traces. Throw a grenade and kill enemies — creates wells and replenishes your abilities. The same goes for hand-to-hand combat. If you have Elemental Armaments, your grenade launcher also generates a bunch of wells. We repeat over and over again, and you become an indestructible machine that scatters enemies like a tank. For some reason, many players playing Warlocks complain that the new abilities of their class are terrible and the builds turn out to be nothing, but CoT Build will confirm to you that this is absolutely not the case.

At the moment of writing, this is one of the best Warlock Arc 3.0 PvE builds. It is very fun to use and just a pleasure. You may have trouble using it at the end-game content, but otherwise, it’s the best choice.

Fallen Sunstar Build

We went through the build that made us a real tank, and now it’s time for a build that makes us more like a support-class player. New Fallen Sunstar Exotic Helmet gives Guardians the ability to make created ionic traces faster and grants additional ability energy for everyone near the player with this helmet when he collects them. At the same time, by placing healing or other Rift, your teammates get Arc Soul as a nice bonus.

Regarding the recommended weapons, everything is the same as described in the build above. We also recommend picking up weapons with the new Voltshot perk, which overcharges the gun with this perk for a short time, causing it to jolt on its next hit after reloading and defeating the target. By killing the enemy, you get an ionic trace thanks to Electrostatic Mind, so keep that in mind. In addition, we recommend enlisting the new exotic weapon Delicate Tomb, which also has a good Tempest Cascade perk, which is ideal for both builds.

Unfortunately, those particular Destiny 2 Warlock builds in PvE are not really suitable for end-game content, but they are perfect for everything else in the game. Your teammates are happy, and you are fully charged. And you may have noticed that we didn’t mention the new aspect Lightning Surge, which can be used in PvE, but the build with it is more suitable for fighting in the Crucible, and more on that in the following article about PvP.

Titan’s Builds

How to do without Titan, which instilled fear in his enemies. With the release of Arc 3.0, he, like Hunter, received something from the original Destiny, namely Dash. Of course, you might think he is more suitable in PvP, where mobility is essential, but we will discuss this later. Since there are few good exotic armors for the Striker, and the new gauntlets turned out to be rather mediocre, it immediately occurred to the players which exotic could be used. They did not yet suspect that they would eventually create a monster. So let’s take a look at this Arc Titan build for PvE.

Source: Bungie

Heart of Inmost Light Build

What does this Chest armor do, since it can turn you into a killing machine? After using one of the abilities, you have increased regeneration and the strength of the other abilities, except for Super. Also, when combined with mods that create wells when killed with a Grenade or Melee, your abilities will have almost no cooldown if you use them in turn! This is where new aspects come in handy. Touch of Thunder will make our grenade stronger, and Knockout will strengthen our Thunderclap. Destiny 2 Titan builds in PvE are built around these things right now, so be sure to remember all of the Titan mains above!

Many are now wondering why Thruster and not the usual Barricade. The fact is that you will spend a lot of time casting your class ability, because of which your damage will decrease. And with the new Thruster, you will become more mobile and save needed time. However, if you want to play with Barricade, then calmly take it. Barricade will not affect the build, and it will definitely not become weaker.

What is the essence of this build? As previously stated, just cast your abilities one by one and kill everything that moves! You can even forget about guns in this game because you don’t need them anymore. On such a Titan, you can easily pass not only Dungeons and Nightfalls but even Grandmasters and Master Raids! That’s how strong he is. Alas, now the players could make only one such build with a new subclass, so it can be considered the game’s best Titan Arc 3.0 PvE build.

And that concludes our Arc 3.0 build guide. We hope our tips and builds will be helpful to you and that you will take advantage while playing PvE activities. If you are interested in knowing which is the best build for PvP, then we have already released an article where we clearly answer this question! Be sure to check out our service store too!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away!

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