Apex Aim Lab: Aiming Guide for Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a shooter. As you likely know, shooting is required to win in such games. And to shoot effectively, you need to aim well. That’s what most people decide to work on if they want to improve. For it, you might use the Apex Aim Lab and learn a few useful tricks.

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It’s hard enough in competitive shooters. You must drop the enemy before they drop you, and good shooting helps immensely. But because of the game’s focus on speed and movement, shooting here can be even more challenging. So, let’s see how to have better aim in Apex Legends with that in mind.

Game Situation

If you want a better aim in Apex Legends, remember that your targets will be fast and unpredictable. That’s simply how people avoid being hit in this game. Therefore, to hit players you’ll require quick reactions and good tracking. And these skills are mostly achieved with practice.

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It’s even harder to hit your enemies because you need to move all the time — preferably in confusing patterns. In the end, you’ll have to realign the scope based on how they move, as well as take your own movement into account. You can take Apex Legends coaching lessons to get better if it sounds hard.

Learning to Track

Tracking is the act of following your target with a scope to land more shots. In a hyperactive game like AL, this action is beyond important — all the more so, considering that you also have to move while shooting. The game becomes a contest of out-tracking your opponents.

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To improve your shooting, you’ll need to practice. But it won’t hurt to remember a few Apex tips to get better at tracking:

There are shooting tips for Apex Legends like these, and they work well with simple fights. Luckily, most players behave predictably. Even you will likely be predictable, making it a battle of fast reactions, precise draws, and instinctive decision-making. In the end, the best way to learn all of it is by practicing these aspects.

Shooting & Positioning


Aim for the head. It’s the best way how to hit more shots in Apex (or at least meaningful shots). Of course, sometimes you can’t reliably hit the head, like in point-blank or very long ranges. In such cases, try shooting the body instead. In fact, these two situations require special skills.

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At point-blank range, you don’t even need to look down the sights. No-scoping a body who occupies a large chunk of your screen is the best solution. It’s likely you’ll both try to dodge and no-scope each other in such a situation. Whoever starts shooting first is going to win. So, don’t waste your time looking down the sights.

At very long ranges, you’d be happy to hit the enemy at all in most situations. Either run until you’re in a much better position than them or try to jiggle on the spot and align the sights to their jiggling. Strafing won’t really make a difference at this range, but constant crouching or taking cover may.

Both situations benefit a lot from lowered mouse sensitivity. Drop it to a level that is both comfortable and good for gentle, precise tracking. It’s significant at any distance. The aim drift in Apex Legends already forces you to realign your scopes, you don’t want sensitivity to mess it up even more.


Positioning and movement are important for two reasons. Here’s a brief positioning guide for Apex.

It involves both the way you move in combat and where you position yourself during fights. In any case, you’ll need to line up the sights in relation to your current location. It’s a part of how to get better aim in Apex, but fortunately much of it is subconscious. You don’t need to think about it.

All you’ll need to think about is how to get to a position that lets you shoot at an enemy unpunished. You can move from a cover and back while taking shots, which is the case with vertical covers. Alternatively, horizontal covers are a good way to block part of your hitboxes from the enemy while shooting back at them unhindered.

Places to Practice

The tricks above can set you in the right direction, but the skills can only be acquired during the practical Apex aim training. You can’t learn to shoot better through reading, because the act needs to be subconscious. If you start thinking about it, you’ll slow down and lose the fight. Rather, you need to sharpen your reflexes in different situations.

Well, there are several ways to get better at Apex Legends. Of course, a better way would be to just play the game and adapt to the actual fights, but the problem here is that such practice isn’t on demand. You can’t summon a fight whenever you want — a fight will have to find you.

Aim Lab

Aim Lab is an aim trainer for Apex Legends and other shooters. It’s essentially a game that allows you to participate in several courses that help you track enemies and generally shoot at them. The courses are set in various scenarios to train adaptability. The layout is very minimalistic, which guarantees that you focus on your targets.

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It’s a perfect opportunity for aim training for Apex Legends because in many courses the targets are programmed to move unpredictably and quickly. This teaches you how to realign the scope and react to movement accordingly. It’s also perfect for learning fast weapon combinations and maneuvering.

Firing Range

Firing Range is a map inside AL itself. It’s a vast location with many objects, targets and other scenery. There are dummies created specifically for Apex aiming practice, as well as ability testing. To test your tracking, you can enable the bots on the map. And lastly, you can train against your friends here.

This map/gamemode was created to let people hone their skills, test whatever they like and have a practical demonstration of what everything can do in a safe environment. It will give you some edge when it comes to actual fights in the game. The practice will demonstrate how to aim better in Apex Legends.


It may be better to use the Firing Range over Aim Lab. It sets you in the right environment, gives you all the tools you’ll use & sets the same tempo you’ll experience in the game. So, it’s an approximate taste of what the actual game is like. However, you’ll really want to invite friends over or connect a few bots for maximum efficiency.

Aim Lab, however, is more intense. It only gives you a few tools, but it focuses heavily on tracking and training reflexes. If you suffer particularly with subconscious decision-making, reflexes and movement anticipation, It may be right down your alley. It’s for you to decide, which of these is the best aim trainer for Apex.

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