Apex Legends: New Content and Changes

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New Content Is Coming. But When?

With the last updates come the new datamined information worth sharing, from probable hints at the next season Legend and Battle Pass theme, returning skins and upcoming thematic event, to a new heirloom with, possibly, a great rework.

Warning! EA and/or Respawn pick up a new practice to reduce information leaked to the public by silencing dataminers, striking their youtube-channels for some leaks.

Bangalore Lore

What we can expect in the nearest future, it’s Bangalore Stories from the Outlands, as the dataminers manage to find even more hints supporting this theory. First of all, welcome the new Bangalore lore-related skin “Gridiron” that we’ve mentioned earlier. It has unique Legend selected animation, where she defeats a cloaking Pilot. On January 4, the stories from the Outlands were premiered on the Apex Legends Youtube channel.

The skin is available for purchase in game, but due to a bug, that crashes the game at the character select screen if you have Mil-Spec equipped, it’s disabled at the game right now.

Updates with the new LTM Mode might come soon. It was stated by Respawn, that season 11 will get more new content, including LTMs. Previous seasons lack any new modes and we didn’t get any new Limited-Time Events or Town Takeovers in the first split of season, only the returning of the Holo-day Bash, so there are no more options for Respawn if they gonna keep their word.

Deep Dive Event

Earlier the dataminers managed to find a list with upcoming skins, and we saw the mention of the thematic event “Folklore”. Now we know for sure that it would be shipped under the name “Deep dive” and all the stuff that comes with it. The trailer for this event is a most probable second hidden video on Apex Legends’ Youtube.

Buffs and Nerfs

There is still only one hint about the upcoming nerf: it will probably make the Rampage a bit weaker due to a lot of streamer and pro players coming at Twitter with a ton of comments about the LMG, and later the devs mentioned that they take a close look on it. There are lots of rumors about Bangalore’s smokes buff, but there are no confirmations on this from devs yet. Still, it seems logical, as the devs did previously mentioned that they are working on the recon Legend meta and might change something to weaker it a bit as well.

Next Heirloom

While Crypto is expecting his rework, he is the most probable Legend to get the heirloom in season 12. Along with an heirloom [redacted], he’ll get the changes on his abilities, which he needs really hard as for now Crypto is one of the least picked Legends. And no, this heirloom rarity optic is not what you think it is. It’s just an experiment from Apex’s devs that might become a new care package item or something like that. But it is not the heirloom.

Season 12 Legend and Battle Pass Theme

Back in season 10, a future Legend codenamed Husaria was discovered. Her abilities were datamined a long time ago and most likely changed already. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

Passive – Shotgun Kick: a shotgun on your leg that fires when you melee doors or enemies. Makes sense as Mad Maggie falls from a great height what as we all know might not be very good for your legs, so it’s possible, that some sort of changing in her original body would be made and that as well might be a Shotgun on her leg or even a leg, that is a shotgun. Who knows, we’ll see.

Tactical – Flashbang: Throw a grenade that briefly blinds and deafens opponents.

This one is, probably, what has changed the most as with the Seer launch we’ve seen that Apex gameplay and its community is not quite supporting the Flashbangs effect: it slows the game flow, and people didn’t like it.

Ultimate – Concussive Breaching Charge: Plant a breaching charge that fires a sonic wave through walls to destroy traps, force open doors, and disorient enemies. Wonder how it’s gonna work against Wattson thought.

Chances are that it might be Mad Maggie, a person who we’ve met with a Fuse Launch back in season 8 and who disappeared from our sight in the and of this season by falling in a comics. After the December 07, 2021 Patch, a string mentioning “madmaggie”, along with multiple Skydive Emote mentions for her, were datamined.

Another speculation is that it might be Blisk, who comes to the game next, although it might not be next season due to Ash release in season 11, so another Pilot Blisk might be pushed away for a bit. We know for sure that the next Battle pass theme will be bikers, which kind of falls in line with The Mad Maggie style.

Life events, and TV show

As Fortnite launched their live event, it seems like Apex devs are going to replicate their success. Respawn used to do something like this back in the Titanfall series, so there are no technical limitations for the developments to make a live event in Apex.

Talking about successes, the recent show Arcane is a great example, and it looks like Respawn and EA planning to get themselves part of this pie too by launching on their own project. There is nothing we know, except that people, what work for Respawn are not allowed to share their comments and thoughts on this topic, so we may see an Apex TV Series relatively soon.

Written by Huckleberry.

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