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By buying this service you will get your desired number of WotLK dungeons completed on normal mode. We will gather a group of players from your server (preferably other armor and weapon type users) and roll every fitting piece of gear that drops during the runs.

• Standard: 24-48 hours
• Express: 1-24 hours

• Choose the amount of dungeons you need

• Chance to get lvl 67-80 dungeon gear
• Reputation points with WotLK factions if you are wearing a tabard
• Gold, loot and resources received during the run

• Account sharing
• Character of fitting level


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    Your carry will be started at the appointed time. For the selfplayed boosts, it's up to you to take part in the activity or to stay AFK and chill. For the piloted boosts, you can always ask for a stream to keep an eye on the process.

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Wanna gear your toon up without wasting endless hours on the grind? Wanna get the most out of your WotLK experience? You’ve come to the right place as WowVendor has everything you need right here! 

This page is dedicated to Normal Lich King dungeons. From a Nexus Normal boost to Halls of Reflection custom-scheduled completions, here you can find all the offers we’ve tailored just for you to help you enjoy the legendary expansion to the fullest.

The Hardships of Dungeon Farming

When it comes to PvE content, raids and dungeons always top as the most challenging yet most player-attractive activities in the game. Dungeons are great for fast leveling as they provide lots of XP and a decent amount of good-quality loot. However, even in low-tier Normal dungeons, there always are some requirements to meet and certain strategies to learn.

So, what do you need to start farming dungeon loot in WotLK Classic? 

  • Team

In order to access any dungeon in the game, you will need a group of fellow players. Being raid-like activities, dungeons are unavailable for solo runs, so if you’re intending to fight mobs and bosses and loot the items they drop, you’ll have to form or find yourself a reliable party. In theory, it sounds pretty easy, but in real-life gaming, it might actually pose a big challenge, especially for those who prefer playing solo. A Lich King Normal dungeon boost allows you to forget about the trouble of searching for a group for good. You don’t even need to log into the game! Just give our booster temporary access to your WoW account, and they’ll complete the dungeon you’ve chosen together with the team of four other WowVendor pros. If you, let’s say, buy an Ahnkahet Normal boost, five of our pros will team up to run Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom for you, leaving all the looted goodies on your toon.

  • Level

While Heroic dungeons are all unlocked only at lvl 80, those on the Normal difficulty each have their own level requirements for you to meet. This is the most basic thing that players forget from time to time and then get disappointed when it turns out that they haven’t reached the needed level. Leveling is extremely important in WoW. But it’s not really a big deal if you’re a bit – or a lot – underpowered, as we’ll level you up fast and easy before sending your toon into the dungeon of your choice. If you, for example, decide to buy a Halls of Lightning normal boost while still being below lvl 67, we’ll make sure you catch up to the requirements and provide our best leveling service to you with a nice discount. 

  • Gear

There is no point in just arriving at a dungeon without being properly prepared for it. Well, of course, you can try your luck going in with poor equipment, but the chances of you surviving through such a run are pretty slim. Getting yourself a Halls of Stone Normal boost or a service for some other WotLK dungeon is the best option because our pros can beat those instances even if your character is slightly undergeared. However, if you’re planning on doing further runs yourself, you’re going to need something more solid to equip. Even for Normal dungeons, you better get some good gear and grab all the necessary items for your class that will be useful for boss encounters. Or you can delegate all the gear-up duties to our pro players, and they’ll get you dungeon-ready in a blink of an eye as an extra option for your Utgarde Pinnacle Normal boost and any other WoW service we provide.

  • Team composition

Comps here are obviously not as vital as in the Mythics, but having a well-balanced team on a Normal dungeon run will also make a huge difference. If you take five healers to a dungeon, it’s not going to work out. You’d normally have to have a more varied party with at least one tank, one DPS, and one support character. Figuring out which class is the best fit for you can also be quite challenging, for new players in particular. With an Utgarde Keep Normal boost, though, you won’t have to think about any of that. Our experts are skilled enough to play any class; whatever toon you have, they’ll take it to Utgarde Keep and come out victorious, carrying all the best loot the dungeon has to offer. And that, of course, applies not only to the Utgarde boost but also to an Azjol-Nerub Normal boost and any other dungeon-related Lich King service on our website.

  • Strategy

How many wings of the dungeon are there? Is it linear or nonlinear? What kind of encounters will you have? Apart from gearing and leveling, you’ll also need to learn all the details about the location and the challenges of the dungeon before going in. Study the map of the dungeon carefully and learn all the boss mechanics you’ll be facing in there. Your team will also need to develop a good strategy for each encounter, with everybody knowing exactly what they must do throughout the whole run. Or you can just get a WotLK dungeon Normal boost and never bother with dungeoning at all.

Let’s say you want to run Drak’tharon Keep. First off, to enter the dungeon, you have to be at least lvl 73. Next up, you and your team will have to face four bosses, including the optional one, each having unique abilities and fighting styles you’ll need to adjust to. For example, Trollgore, the first boss, is getting stronger with time, so it’s extremely important to get rid of him fast. The second boss, Novos the Summoner, is a phased fight, so it’ll take a more tactical approach rather than simply dishing out all the DPS you have. And those are just some brief outlines of the first two encounters. For a successful run, you’ll have to learn a lot more – unless, of course, you get yourself a Drak’tharon Keep Normal boost. If you do, then there’s nothing to worry about, except for making some room in your inventory for all that shiny loot our pros are going to earn for you.

For a not-so-experienced player, all of these can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re not really confident that you can pull it off or simply don’t have enough time to dedicate to dungeoning, it’s better to seek the assistance of our well-experienced experts. They know exactly how to compose stronger teams, how to eliminate all kinds of enemies, and how to farm more effectively. It doesn’t matter if you order a Culling of Stratholme Normal boost or any other service – all our pros are seasoned WoW players and esports athletes who have been raiding dungeons since those very early years of the game’s release. They are the kind of people you can trust your WoW performance to. So, if you wanna excel in dungeon farming, don’t miss out on our special dungeon-related offers: a Gundrak Normal boost, Trial of the Champion carry, and many other services are waiting for you right here on this page. Just go ahead and take your pick!

Discover Your Perfect Dungeon Experience With WowVendor

As demanding as they sometimes are, dungeons are a fantastic way to get good loot to keep progressing through the game and unlocking more high-tier content. However, dungeon-running takes sufficient time and is often quite challenging, especially for new players. That’s why we are glad to offer WotLK Normal dungeon boosting to everyone in need.

Boosting is a perfect solution for those who don’t have a regular party or just need help with their dungeon routine. As raiding dungeons is impossible for solo players, we offer you a great opportunity to become a part of an experienced team of pros who will carry you through any instance, no matter how long or hard it is. Apart from having the whole dungeon completed, you’ll also get a fun experience that brings a completely fresh perspective on the game and provides you with new skills and knowledge. If for some reason self-play is not available on a WotLK dungeon Normal carry, or you just don’t feel like participating in a dungeon run yourself, you’re welcome to order a private stream option and watch our boosters play your toon in real time. The whole completion will be streamed to you, so you can just sit back and relax, watching it like a good walkthrough video and maybe even picking up a few pro tricks along the way. You can always read more about how a certain order is provided on the offer’s page. If you happen to have more questions about, for example, a Violet Hold Normal boost or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask our Support team right here on the website via the in-built chat. 

Get Your Dungeon Boost Now

Forget about slow progress and long, unproductive farming sessions. Forget about seeing all those items and achievements that you can’t get your hands on because you don’t have proper skills or simply cannot spend too much time on the game. It’s time to play big! It’s time to get everything you’ve ever wanted! Be it an Oculus Normal boost or a Pit of Saron self-play carry run, we always guarantee effective results and the highest level of service. With WowVendor, you never have to worry about not being able to make it through a dungeon on the first try. See for yourself! Place your order now, and let our best pro players take your Lich King performance to a whole new level.

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