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By buying this service you will get your desired number of WotLK dungeons completed on heroic mode. We will gather a group of players from your server (preferably other armor and weapon type users) and roll every fitting piece of gear that drops during the run.

• Standard: 24-48 hours
• Express: 1-24 hours

• Choose the amount of dungeons you need

• Chance for lvl 80 dungeon gear
• Reputation points with WotLK factions if you are wearing tabard
• Gold, loot and resources received during the run

• Account sharing
• Level 80 character


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Do you feel like your performance in Lich King dungeons is lagging behind? Are all those guides you find online not helpful enough? It might be time to consider a WotLK dungeon Heroic boost!

Here on this page, you can find everything you need to excel in some of the toughest instanced content in the game. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer, shall we?

Ace Lich King Dungeons With WowVendor

With a total of sixteen dungeons, the Lich King expansion delivers the ultimate PvE challenge, showering everyone skilled enough to beat it with some of the game’s best gear. No matter if you’re new to dungeons or already had your share of Heroic experience: Heroic loot is always relevant and attractive, which makes it so hard to get. 

Acing a Heroic dungeon is a task not so many Lich King players can complete. It requires a well-knit team of five and tons of preparation, including leveling up all the way to the cap of 80. You need to be all geared up to face the bosses and know all the mechanics well enough to beat them and claim your rewards. Or you can just get some solid WotLK Heroic dungeon boosting from WowVendor and forget about the troubles of dungeon-running for good.

Our professional players will gladly help you get through any content you’re struggling with in WotLK Classic. Here are some of the best services our dungeon boost collection has to offer:

Utgarde Keep Heroic boost

Venture into the dreadful fortress, hidden in the cliffs of the Howling Fjord, to fight the evil that lurks in its shadows. In the dark domain of King Ymiron, you’ll have to battle through three encounters with four powerful bosses and hordes of mobs. The rewards are totally worth it, though. And the run will seem like a walk in the park with our pros by your side.  

Nexus Heroic boost

Embark on a perilous, magic-infused journey set in a fortress in the icy lands of Borean Tundra. Stunning visuals, tough encounters, and high-tier loot are guaranteed. Oh, and there’ll be a dragon to fight! Not something you’d want to miss out on, right? 

Azjol-Nerub Heroic boost

Once a prosperous kingdom, now Azjol-Nerub is in ruins, invaded and torn apart by two ferocious forces. Get ready to slay three bosses, including the infamous Anub’arak, resurrected as Lich King’s faithful lieutenant. In return, you’ll receive 200 ilvl gear pieces and a bunch of achievements to brag about.

Ahnkahet Heroic boost

Ahn’kahet is one more dungeon that sends you into the depths of Azjol-Nerub. More bosses, more rewards, and much more fun beating the instance together with WowVendor’s pros!

Drak’Tharon Keep Heroic boost

Packed with quests and intense fights, Drak’Tharon Keep makes you go up against raptors, lizards, and hordes of the undead. An ancient temple and tricky mechanics are also on the menu, as well as lots of rare and epic drops you can deck your toon out with. So how about some treasure hunting?

Violet Hold Heroic boost

A Dalaran prison that keeps the most dangerous creatures away from the rest of the world, the Violet Hold is where the eponymous dungeon takes place. The prison is under attack by Malygos forces, and you have to help the guards fight the invasion off. Are you up for the task? We’re sure you are, but if something goes wrong, our brave pro players will come to the rescue in no time!

Gundrak Heroic boost

Delve into the whirlwind of madness, dark magic, and savage rituals unfolding in the heart of the Drakkari Empire. Five bosses to defeat and a whole bunch of rewards to reap – that’s Gundrak Heroic, and you should really not come there unprepared.

Halls of Lightning & Halls of Stone Heroic boost

Some big secrets are waiting to be unveiled in the city of Ulduar, but they are guarded diligently and won’t be given up without a fight. The Halls of Stone instance is the first one to take place in the titan city, followed by a slightly more challenging Halls of Lightning with four bosses, including the infamous watcher Loken. A Halls of Lightning Heroic boost might be a good idea as you should expect some really tough encounters in there. Or you might as well treat yourself to the Halls boost bundle to beat all the Ulduar encounters at once and get a double share of rewards easily. 

Oculus Heroic boost

Back again into the coldness of Borean Tundra, we are not yet done with disrupting Malygos’s horrible plans. In the Oculus dungeon, there are four bosses to slay and a hefty bunch of quests to do to rake that XP in, not to mention some nice loot dropping in abundance in every encounter. You’d better team up with our pros to get that instance completed fast, or else it might take some sufficient time to handle.

Culling of Stratholme Heroic boost

Are you up for some time-traveling? The Caverns of Time, which house the Culling of Stratholme dungeon, will portal you back to the Third War era, right into the Stratholme grain-plague outbreak. Apart from battling zombies, you’ll also take a peek at the events of the long-gone past and be able to see Prince Arthas the way he used to be before succumbing to madness and becoming the Lich King. But be careful: you must make sure the story goes exactly as it’s supposed to. We don’t want to mess up the timeline, do we?

And that’s just a small part of what you can get here at WowVendor to make your dungeon-rinning sessions much more enjoyable. Apart from the boosts listed above, you can also get an Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic boost and a whole bunch of other services for Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection, and Trial of the Champion dungeons. You’re free to opt for a single-dungeon carry or a whole package with a huge discount. If you get your runs in bundles, we’ll cut the price down for every dungeon you have in your order. No matter what you choose, with our WotLK dungeon Heroic carry service, we will always team you up with a full squad of professional PvE players to carry you through any dungeons that you need help dealing with. All the items and achievements that a successful completion grants can be yours in just a couple of clicks.

The Benefits Of WowVendor Boosting

With MMO and other online games becoming more and more demanding and grind-oriented these days, it’s getting harder for a casual player to keep a healthy balance between gaming and having a full real life. Boosting can really help with that, and WowVendor has long proved to be one of the safest and most affordable of them all.

Working hard and constantly improving over the years, WowVendor has served thousands of happy customers, giving them only the best gaming experience to remember. We always guarantee low prices and an impressive range of offers to address all the main issues that a WoW player might have. For everything single aspect of the game, there’s a Lich King boost on our website or a service request option in case you’re after something that requires an individual approach.

Don’t have teammates to run dungeons with? Build your own great squad of pros to conquer Heroics with a Lich King Heroic dungeon boost. Don’t have time for leveling? Max out your character easily with custom leveling bundles to save yourself some days of grind. We provide top-notch boosting for PvP and PvE alike, so you can get fully geared up with Heroic items for every slot, just as well as dominate arenas with our PvP boost collection fast and easy. 

Anything is possible when you have a whole team of esports champs here at WowVendor, ready to assist you with your in-game goals at any time. So, why not reach out to us today?

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