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World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic is a completely new WoW experience for many and a sweet nostalgia-inducing treat from Blizzard for everybody enjoying WoW since the days of yore (namely, the bright summer days of 2007). With revamped game mechanic systems, optimized balance, and tons of absolutely new, never-before-seen content added to the mix, each and every WoW player gets a timely dose of new raids, PvE activities, PvP opportunities, and more. The vast realms of Outland surely have something to excite all Azeroth warriors that have been waiting for the “new old” expansion.

Despite the fact that we are, basically, looking at the remake of the good old Burning Crusade, there are many essential changes to the whole game and stuff that appears only in The Burning Crusade Classic exclusively. In particular, there are changes in the system of professions, with the system from WoW Classic receiving some additions and updates here and there. And as usual, in order to level up your profession and gain exclusive bonuses, you have to do extreme amounts of grinding. An old challenge in an updated wrapper.

For this, WowVendor has a whole range of WoW Burning Crusade Classic profession leveling services at some of the lowest prices out there, that help you max out your professions-related activities and get unique bonuses. For you, we have qualified carries that transparently help you level up your profession in the most efficient manual ways.

You can buy WoW TBC professions boost options at WowVendor right now to avoid sleepless nights of farming and grinding just to get some minor progress while striving for some major rewards. Save your time and nerves by getting a proper boost and achieving much-desirable results hassle-free, without going nuts from extreme amounts of time put into the game.

What’s changed?

In terms of the professions system, we can point out a couple of big changes all in all. First off, a new profession is added – Jewelcrafting. You can read lots of updated stuff in categories of individual professions, too. Your interaction with Trainers who help you level up specific profession skills is now a much simpler process. Instead of visiting only the Trainers of a proper level (Journeyman Trainers, Expert Trainers, and others corresponding to your current profession level), you can now use the services of a single Profession Trainer – any such Trainer in Azeroth will do. 

In particular, you should use Profession Trainers from Azeroth to learn your profession levels 1-300 and travel to the Outlands to learn beyond level 300, which is a Master Profession Level. You can learn all profession skills from Outlands Trainers starting from the Journeyman rank.

You still have to buy the proper books to learn secondary skills, such as First Aid, Fishing, and Cooking. Yet another significant change is that you don’t have to go to Uldaman and interact with Annora in order to achieve the Artisan rank of your Enchanting profession. And as for Blacksmithing and Leatherworking, only players with proper specializations can now use and wear items crafted for the specific specialization. 

There are also no extra internal ranks now, with the only separate ranking being Master which you get after level 300 of your profession, and you can start earning Master points as soon as you hit level 50. And you only have to visit a Trainer to obtain new skill recipes, without having to restart the ability once you achieve the Master level. 

What you get with a proper WoW TBC profession leveling service

At WowVendor, you can pick from a range of Burning Crusade Classic professions level boost services to speed up your profession leveling routine and turn cumbersome grinding and farming into real fun that brings real progress. You can acquire the following profession bonuses by race in no time:

  • Gemcutting – a Draenei bonus that boosts your Jewelcrafting by 10;
  • Arcane Affinity – a Blood Elf bonus that boosts your Enchanting by 10;
  • Cultivation – a Tauren bonus that boosts your Herbalism by 15;
  • Engineering Specialization – a Gnome bonus that boosts your Engineering by 15.

All items and enchants from the traditional WoW Classic that give profession-specific buffs are there. There are many more minor and major specifics that you don’t have to study in-depth (a feat for only truly insane WoW buffs) if you buy WoW TBC professions leveling carry services we offer at WowVendor. 

Customizable profession boost WoW TBC services

Practically all WoW Burning Crusade Classic profession boosting services can be customized according to your particular needs and preferences. For this, we have 24/7 tech support that will help you figure out all the specifics of a certain WoW Burning Crusade Classic profession boost and discuss any custom requirements you may have.

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