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The vast shattered realm of Outland is the newest treat we get to explore brought by nostalgia-inducing and updates-rich WoW The Burning Crusade Classic expansion. The great lands beyond Azeroth are brimming with both old and refurbished and completely new flora and fauna. The new pets and mounts you get to acquire are nothing short of truly fantastic beasts every other WoW player would love to have in their collection. The only question is – do you have enough time and nerves to single-handedly farm mounts in TBC Classic

Because some quest lines and requirements take extreme amounts of time to handle while you may also not know many insights, efficient routes, and fast methods of obtaining that or another mount. As much a skillful and hardcore player you may be, nobody likes throwing huge chunks of their personal life into senseless, seemingly endless grinding and farming. And even extensive efforts may turn out quite obsolete when you don’t get the stuff you need in the number or amount you need on your first or second try.

To help you find an optimal solution to the time dilemma, WowVendor gives you a whole range of convenient World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic mounts boost options to pick from and start really enjoying your TBC Classic gameplay experience. 

Farm and acquire awesome unique mounts without going far, paying too much, undermining your account’s safety, or, God forbid, turning to game engines and cheats. We have seasoned professionals who will point you in the most efficient way of getting all the new mounts you wish in fully transparent, honest manual ways.

What cool new stuff you can get with a proper WoW TBC mount service

At WowVendor, we have WoW Classic Burning Crusade mounts boosting services that can help you get each and every cool mount in the Burning Crusade Classic without going far. We have options where you can buy a mount immediately or order a boost that enables “automated farming” with the help of a professional carry fully dedicated to your goals. In particular, here are the fantastic beasts we can help you acquire easily right now.

Get TBC Classic mounts boost for common flying mounts

We can help you obtain two standard flying mounts for the Horde and Alliance sooner than any other players. There are:

  • Gryphons for the Alliance
  • Windriders for the Horde

Flying is an essential feat that will help you explore the Outland faster and more efficient, and speed up your game overall. That’s why a proper boost will come in more than handy to get yourself a flying mount at once. We will also help you train to ride your mount to save even more of your time and money.

Get epic flying mount options faster than others

These are truly epic and that is their main advantage on top of being as convenient as any other flying mount. You can buy WoW Classic TBC mounts anytime you wish and stay ahead of the competition not only by progress but also by the style of looks.

Obtain standard PvP mounts ASAP

How much of a PvP player are you? If you really take the subtle yet fierce art of Player vs Player encounters, you need to take care of handy PvP mounts at once. We will help you gather all the required Halaa tokens to obtain Dark War Talbuk and Dark Riding Talbuk. We will also help you gather enough Battleground Marks to acquire black versions of racial mounts in armor as fast as possible. 

Acquire updated TBC racial mounts

Order Burning Crusade Classic mounts exclusive to races without burning a hole in your pocket and wasting any time. Draenei have Elekks and Blood Elves have Hawkstriders – both are awesome new mounts you would certainly love to get whichever race you play as. We will help you boost your reputation up to the Exalted rank with The Exodar or Silvermoon factions for that.

Get awesome unique mounts easily

We will speed up your experience of gaining WoW Classic mounts in Burning Crusade, making getting some of the most hard-to-get and unique mounts a piece of cake. Thus, with WowVendor TBC mounts Classic for sale, you can easily obtain:

  • Netherwing Drakes – astoundingly beautiful and menacing at the same time, a Netherwing Drake is extremely effort-consuming to farm manually, involving hunting for the Netherwing Eggs for hours and stuff.
  • Raven Lord – talking about the amazing looks, this magnificent and proud creature will be yours in no time – no need to go struggle through Anzu’s Sethekk Halls on the Heroic difficulty on your own.
  • Nether Rays – these are no less glorious in their own, dark way and fear-inducing creatures than the Drakes, which require enormous amounts of reputation grinding to obtain.
  • Amani War Bear – get a felt boost for your character in Burning Crusade Classic – buy mount varieties as unique as the Amani War Bear, which we help you get fast by sweeping through the Zul’Aman timed run.
  • Flying Machine – for all steampunk enjoyers out there, we will help you efficiently up your Engineering profession rank up to the Exalted with a proper boost and get this beauty running just for you.

You can also get all sorts of Talbuks, heavily exclusive world event mounts, Nether Drake Gladiator mounts, a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, a Fiery Warhorse, Ashes of Al’ar, a Cenarion War Hippogryph, a Swift White Hawkstrider, and more Burning Crusade mounts at costs that are more than reasonable.

Check out the range of WowVendor products to see the lowest Classic Burning Crusade mount price and fill up your US server account with amazing new mounts. You may as well “catch’em all” with the help of truly professional and affordable assistants.

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