Shadowlands Patch 9.2 To-Do List

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A new patch can leave you overwhelmed with new features, systems, and currencies. We’ve prepared a quick guide, so you won’t miss any crucial info and won’t fall behind other players. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Flying in Zereth Mortis

Once again, Blizzard locked flying in the new zone behind a Pathfinder-like achievement.

You will have to explore Zereth Mortis, find hidden treasures, items, and defeat rare mobs scattered all around the zone. Moreover, the achievement also involves completing Patch 9.2 campaign chapters and side-quest storylines.

It’s important to start working on the requirements from the get-go to complete them ASAP. Flying will make your daily gameplay in Zereth Mortis a lot easier and will let you move through the zone without any trouble.


Tales of the Exile — Collect 8 different scrolls. You can find them with no problem using the map coordinates below.

Where to Find the Scrolls

Part 1 /way 35.75 55.46
Part 2 /way 41.74 62.44
Part 3 /way 37.54 46.01
Part 4 /way 49.82 76.56
Part 5 /way 39.03 31.09
Part 6 /way 67.42 25.18
Part 7 /way 64.83 33.64
Epilogue /way 34.25 48.70

New Faction: the Enlightened

The Enlightened is a new faction of Brokers introduced in Eternity’s End.

You definitely don’t want to put off your reputation farming for later this time. You have to reach Revered to purchase the Memory of Unity. This item is needed to craft a second Legendary that you can use in addition to your currently equipped one.

Noteworthy Rewards

How to Farm

The Story Campaign of Patch 9.2 and Zereth Mortis gives you reputation as you progress through:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 5

Additional Sources

New Currency: Cosmic Flux

This is a new currency that you will naturally obtain while playing. It’s a good idea to stockpile Cosmic Flux as much as possible because it’s essential for upgrading Legendaries and crafting Class Tier set pieces.

How to Farm

Activities in Zereth Mortis


Endgame Activities

The Jailer’s Gauntlet

The Jailer’s Gauntlet is a new Boss Rush mode for Torghast. There are 8 layers in total with increasing levels of difficulty. Each Layer contains random bosses and rare enemies. Completing a run will award you a scaling amount of Soul Ash, Soul Cinders, and Cosmic Flux.

Each run has 8 boss floors, but you can complete them much faster than a regular Torghast run. Making it, arguably, better for farming old Legendary currency and Renown.

Noteworthy Rewards

Cypher of the First Ones

Most players are tired of numerous systems introduced in Shadowlands, but this one is quite different. You will get a customizable pet called Pocopoc.

The Cypher lets you upgrade your companion and unlock various perks in the talent tree to significantly change the outdoor gameplay in Zereth Mortis.

Start working on your upgrades from the very beginning. It will make your character stronger and allow you to complete any activities in the new zone far more efficiently.

New Raid and Mythic+ Season

Sepulcher of the First Ones and Shadowlands Season 3 have started. Mythic+ item levels and dungeon difficulty have been updated, so make sure to be prepared for new challenges.

Sepulcher has opened its doors with 8 out of 11 bosses being available, with Anduin Wrynn being the last one.

Creation Catalyst

It’s important to mention a new system. It allows you to convert Season 3 items into Class Tier Set pieces. You will need lots of Cosmic Flux to complete the process. That’s why it’s critical to start farming this currency right now.

Creation Catalyst will become available two months into the patch.

No Time to Waste

We hope that you found this guide useful and are now ready to dive straight into the new content. Good luck with your adventures in Eternity’s End!

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