WoW Dragonflight: Join Kalimdor Cup at Level 30!

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WoW Dragonflight: Join Kalimdor Cup at Level 30!

Blizzard has rolled out significant updates to the thrilling Kalimdor Cup event. The alterations introduce greater accessibility and convenience. You can now join the race at level 30. And what makes it even more enticing is that you don’t have to own Dragonflight to be eligible to take part in the race.

Furthermore, mastering dragonriding is no longer a prerequisite for race eligibility. Haven’t learned how to ride a drake? Don’t worry. The tracks are still yours to conquer.

First off, however, you need to locate Lord Andestrasz and his crew:

And then, all that’s left is to spread your wings and enjoy the exhilarating breath of the wind. Let your trusted mount guide you to your victory! And should the pursuit of the coveted Gold title ever feel too overwhelming, don’t fret. WowVendor’s got your back.

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