WoW Dev Reportedly Fired for Mocking Corporate Greed

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WoW Dev Reportedly Fired for Mocking Corporate Greed

WoW writer Eric Covington claims Blizzard Entertainment fired him after he added some jokes to the game that made fun of corporate greed.

These witty remarks were inserted into the dialogue of a loot goblin character:

Covington confirmed that these banters weren’t meant to aim at Blizzard. According to Covington, no one cared enough to think about why the jokes were made or who they were meant for. He wanted to help address the issue. However, he was instantly dismissed from the company as soon as Blizzard’s leadership found out about the goblin’s lines.

Covington was aware of the risks involved in discussing sensitive matters online. Thus, he urged the community not to direct their anger toward the developers. He emphasized that these are passionate individuals dedicated to creating a great game. Instead, he called for holding the decision-makers accountable for their actions.

As of now, Blizzard has yet to voice their side of the story. So we will have to wait and see how they will respond.

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