What to Expect from Dragonflight 10.1.5 Megadungeon?

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The upcoming World of Warcraft patch appears very promising at this point. It will bring various changes and new features, such as Evokers’ third specialization and a new dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite. Let’s discuss the latter and see what WoW players can expect from the new Dragonflight 10.1.5 Megadungeon.

Dawn of the Infinite - WoW's new Megadungeon

What a “Megadungeon” is

Even if you are not familiar with the term, you might have already gone through some instances of this kind in previous expansions. Here is the list of them:

  1. Return to Karazhan (Legion expansion)
  2. Operation: Mechagon (Battle for Azeroth expansion)
  3. Tazavesh, the Veiled Market (Shadowlands expansion)

You can see that there haven’t been that many dungeons of this type in the game yet. It marks their uniqueness in some way. But what is so unique about them? Allow us to answer the question before we go to 10.1.5 Patch notes and start discussing the Dawn of the Infinite itself. Here are some features of megadungeons:

  1. The extended number of bosses. Most modern dungeons usually have 4 to 5 bosses. Megadungeons exceed that limit, and you may expect to participate in 8–10 different boss encounters. This is similar to an average raid.
  2. Mythic difficulty restriction. Unlike common dungeons, these instances are Mythic-only and do not have Normal and Heroic difficulties. Note that and prepare accordingly. You won’t have the opportunity to try the “easy mode” and gather some knowledge and relevant experience before going to Mythic. This relates to any WoW megadungeon, including the upcoming one. However, the Heroic mode usually appears in further patches, and the instance gets divided into two different wings that can be accessed separately. The same will likely happen to Dawn of the Infinite.
  3. A significant inner storyline. Most of the common dungeons in WoW are like “Hey, there is a slight problem over there, shall we fix it before we deal with the big things?”. This is probably how dungeons are supposed to be, but It is not like that with megadungeons. They usually either have a huge story of their own or impact the overall course of the plot considerably.
  4. Megarewards. The difficulty of the instances starts at Mythic, so you can expect to get equipment of the corresponding item level and loot the best gear from the megadungeon. The bosses are also likely to drop mounts and other cosmetic items. Finally, you’ll probably be able to complete unique achievements and specific quests.
  5. A special location. Megadungeons are usually associated with a unique in-game zone that might be massive in size. Considering the extended number of bosses, it might take a significant amount of time to complete the instance. Make sure that you have prepared for that time-consuming experience.
  6. Secret Hard Mode. Megadungeons always have a secret Hard Mode. You can usually activate it by doing some specific tasks before the run. After that, the challenge starts, applying the mode’s mechanics to all boss encounters. However, the stakes are high — you will be rewarded with a guaranteed mount for completing the Hard Mode.

Overall, megadungeon mechanics suggests that it is something more than a dungeon yet less than a raid. Though it is a large location with many bosses, it is still an activity that should be done as a five-man group.

Dawn of the Infinite

The new eight-boss instance coming in 10.1.5 will have us messing up the timelines once again. You might remember the Infinite Dragonflight. It is a group of dragons opposing the Bronze Dragonflight and trying to make its Aspect, Nozdormu, embrace the dark version of himself and become Murozond. We shall proceed with the new megadungeon overview and explain what is happening there—or was happening, or will have happened. The timelines can get messy, you know.

We have encountered the Infinite Dragonflight several times. The most recent occasion took place during our adventures in Thaldrazsus. You may remember meeting some of the Infinite Dragons while helping Nozdormu and Chromie restore the Bronze Oathstone.

We have also fought Chrono-lord Deios, one of the Infinites’ leaders, in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr instance. He becomes one of the dungeon bosses in Dragonflight 10.1.5 once again. As Azeroth’s mightiest heroes, we must prevent the Infinites from achieving their goals and ensure that the future of our world remains intact. We will also have an opportunity to meet other interesting characters such as Morchie, an Infinite version of Chromie.

However, the Murozond-worshipping dragonkin won’t be our only enemies. Iridikron the Stonescaled, one of the main antagonists of the expansion, will also appear in the Dawn of the Infinite as a boss encounter. What is he doing there and how is he connected to the Infinites? Hopefully, the new Dragonflight update will answer these and other questions.

Galakrond Returns

Although he does not return to life, he returns to the main storyline at least. Galakrond was the All-father of the dragon kin and the biggest dragon out there (we mean it, he is literally beyond comparison even to the current Aspects). He is also one of the most-awaited bosses you could imagine. Galakrond has been dead for some time, and you can find his skeleton in the Dragonblight in Northrend.

But death has never been a reason for anyone to not appear in the game again. Surely you can remember a couple of examples from Warcraft’s history.
Though we are not getting to fight Galakrond just yet, we may find out something interesting about the massive proto-dragon due to the new content in patch 10.1.5. His influence on Azeroth is apparent even though he is not alive. Necrotic magic leaking from his corpse has brought back to life some primal dragons. They will be a part of another boss fight in the Dawn of the Infinite called Blight of Galakrond.

But the main question is — what is Iridikron’s interest in those dark energies? What part in his plans does the progenitor of all dragon kin take? The expansion we are currently playing is entirely focused on dragons. It is only natural that Galakrond, literally being the first dragon, appears in the storyline. Let us hope that our progression in the megadungeon will make everything clear.

Expectations and Available Information

Unfortunately, not everything regarding the Dawn of the Infinite has been revealed yet. We’ve had an opportunity to look into the dungeon journal and check the description and the encounters awaiting us, but that’s it. The loot window in the journal has not been accessible, so we cannot tell precisely what loot and rewards we may expect to drop in the megadungeon in question.

However, the map of the instance is already available, as well as some of the bosses’ abilities. You may check them out if you feel the necessity to prepare for the moment the Dawn of the Infinite opens. Maybe some of your characters are more suitable for this instance due to their class and spec, and you need to gear them up a bit? You have time to think of some strategies for the Dragonflight 10.1.5 megadungeon.

The exact date of the 10.1.5 launch has not been confirmed yet. The patch is expected to come out sometime in the summer this year. The Dawn of the Infinite will most likely open on the same day.

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