Transmogrification guide: The Big Daddy

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Hello and welcome to the new Transmogrification guide brought to you by WoVendor Team.

Today we we’ll be making our plate-wearing classes look like mini-bosses of the original Bioshock game – the Big Daddies.

Requirements: Your character must be able to wear plate armor, or put it simply: be Warrior, Paladin or Death Knight. Additionally, the only spec that can pull off this look completely, is the protection warrior, due to our weapon of choice being a fist weapon (you can transmogrify your one-handed sword, axe or mace into a fist weapon, in case you didn’t know).

Your character must also be an engineer in order to transmog the helmet. Hopefully locks like this will be removed sometime, like in Dragonflight maybe?

Any race would work, but in order to copy Big Daddy’s iconic physique we suggest Kul-Tiran or Pandaren male, for the maximum effect.

Let’s go over all the parts of the transmog, and where to find them:

Deepdive Helmet created by engineers and requires engineering as profession in order to be transmogrified

Chestguard of Virulent Mutagens plate chest piece from Uldir

Barksnapper Girdle rare belt from Kul-Tiras

Zanj’ir Scaleguard Shoulderplates benthic shoulderplates

Inowari’s Waterdancer Gauntlets benthic gauntlets

Greaves of Creeping Darkness plate legs piece from Uldir

Galebreaker’s Sabatons plate boots from Uldir

Sorka’s Chainfist fist weapon from BRF, that resembles the very iconic drill-hand of the Big Daddies

You can also summon Uuna as your stand-in for the Little Sister.

This is not the easiest transmog to collect, but the resemblance to the character and over-all great color combination make it worth it.

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