The War Within Pathfinder: How to get Khaz Algar Steady Flight

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It is great news, heroes of Azeroth! The War Within Pathfinder achievement finally has requirements, thanks to the recent 11.0.0 Beta build! 

The War Within Pathfinder: How to get Khaz Algar Steady Flight


We created this article based on all the data known at the moment, and we will update it as soon as new information becomes available. 

In The War Within, we will be able to use two types of flights: Steady Flight and Skyriding. The first one is WoW’s normal flying, which we have been familiar with since the release of the Burning Crusade expansion. Many players still love it because they can press the Numlock button and minimize the window to surf the Internet instead of watching the game.

Unfortunately, if you want to use Steady Flight in the future expansion, you must meet specific requirements to unlock it, as it still falls under the Pathfinder achievement umbrella. As for Dynamic Flight in Dragonflight, also known as Skyriding in TWW, you will be able to use it right away. Now, let’s look closer at how to get the Khaz Algar Steady Flight in The War Within!

How to Unlock The War Within Pathfinder

To unlock The War Within Pathfinder, you only need to finish the main Khaz Algar leveling storyline and fully explore the continent this time. Once you meet all the requirements listed below, you will be rewarded with Steady Flight:

At the time of writing, the TWW Pathfinder achievement seems relatively easy, although it is unclear whether it is account-wide and how long it takes to complete. In previous expansions like Battle for Azeroth, the Pathfinder achievement was challenging to obtain. It was divided into two parts and required completing World Quests, storylines, and the war campaign, as well as exploring locations and earning reputations.

Although things tend to change with time, which you should keep in mind, we hope Blizzard will not add unnecessary complexity this time so that more players can enjoy the new expansion using the familiar flying means. 

Community opinion

Blizzard offers players a choice between regular flying and Skyriding in The War Within, which is great. However, the Burning Crusade flying style, also known as Steady Flying, feels outdated and should be available by default instead, the community says. 

While gatekeeping may give Blizzard more time to release the content, it feels irritating and weird, as players can access a better, quicker, and more enjoyable version of flying, such as Dragonriding/ Skyriding.
Anyway, we hope that this strategy changes in the future so that we see Blizzard giving us fresher and more thrilling ideas. What do you think about the flying system awaiting us in The War Within? Do you believe that gatekeeping Steady Flying is still a thing? Let us know in the comments!

The War Within Leveling

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