The Artist Behind Dragonflight Priest Tier Set Left Blizzard

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The Artist Behind Dragonflight Priest Tier Set Left Blizzard

Blizzard has been suffering from the loss of many talents in their company lately. Adding to this growing list of departures is the Dragonflight Priest tier set’s designer.

The artist in question is Natacha Nielsen. Aside from the iconic Priest tier set, they were also involved in creating the new appearance for Alexstrasza and the ducks. These designs have garnered immense admiration and affection from the WoW community.

Growing apprehension looms among fans regarding the future of WoW. More and more employees who made their favorite game leave the company and start working for another in the industry. In Nielsen’s case, they are now working as a Senior Character Artist at Riot Games.

The community is urging Blizzard to reconsider its compensation policies. They argue that offering competitive wages and improving employees’ quality of life is essential to retain top talents. Especially considering the high cost of living in the areas where the US firm’s offices are located.

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