RWF Vault of the Incarnates: Top 10 Prevailed

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The Race to World First (RWF): Vault of the Incarnates has concluded its top 10 after weeks of intense competition filled with grueling skill, teamwork, and endurance tests.

As we are all aware, Echo emerged as the victor. Liquid took second place, and Method rounded out third. And at long last, FatSharkYes defeated Raszageth. They filled the final position in the top 10 as ended the progress race’s main events. Below are the ten strongest guilds that made their names in the hall of fame.

These contenders have proven themselves to be the cream of the crop, demonstrating exceptional skill and teamwork as they battled through the toughest challenges. Congratulations to all the guilds on their impressive achievements. We can’t wait for the next race and look forward to seeing who will rise to be the winner in future competitions.

The RWF is a highly competitive event in e-sports. Guilds from around the globe compete to be the first to clear the most challenging content in the game. In this case, it’s the run for the Vault of the Incarnates’ championship. You can read the complete RWF coverage from Day One here.

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