Live Coverage RWF 2023: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

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Race to World First 2023: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Full Coverage and Constant Updates

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! It’s May 9, and the Race to World First 2023: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is just about to kick off. The anticipation in the air is electric, as the top guilds prepare to dive headfirst into this epic challenge. You definitely don’t want to miss a beat, so keep your eyes glued to this article for full, comprehensive coverage and real-time updates on all things Aberrus RWF.

Stay tuned, Esports enthusiasts! We are fully committed to bringing you the fastest and most detailed news and updates as the Race to World First 2023 unfolds. Get ready to witness history in the making as guilds clash in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, and tell us in the comment who you are rooting for!

Note that the timezone used in this article is PT.

Raid Progress


Race to World First 2023: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Full Coverage and Constant Updates

Top 10 Guilds at The Moment

Liquid — World First9/9 Mythic
Echo8/9 Mythic
Method8/9 Mythic
FatSharkYes7/9 Mythic
Instant Dollars7/9 Mythic
BDG7/9 Mythic
Conspiracy6/9 Mythic
Skyline5/9 Mythic
Chaojie5/9 Mythic
Copium5/9 Mythic

Where to Watch RWF Aberrus?

If you have a favorite guild or specific contenders you’re rooting for, you can catch their individual channels for all the action. Whether it’s on Twitch or YouTube, Follow your chosen champions as they navigate the treacherous trials of Aberrus, each step bringing them closer to the coveted World First title.

Here are some top-guilds’ Twitch channels in case you don’t have a specific preference but still want to keep up to speed with what’s going on:

Pre-Race Preparation

The guilds are currently fueling up, indulging in hearty meals to fortify themselves for the grueling battles that lie ahead. Their stomachs may be filled, but their hunger for victory is insatiable.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out the announcement trailers released by Echo, Method, and Liquid.

May 9: Day 1

And the race has commenced! BDG is the first guild that bolds into the perilous Aberrus. Starting out with Normal splits, let’s see how it goes.

Liquid soon enters the raid. They are also doing Normal splits.

Instead of going slow with some Normal splits, Imperative and Melee Mechanics veer off the beaten path, opting for a swifter ascent. Embracing the challenges of Heroic difficulty, they surge forward with unwavering resolve, conquering an impressive 3 out of 9 formidable bosses thus far.

And The Early Shift is the first to embark upon the treacherous Mythic difficulty of Aberrus. They swiftly bring Kazzara to its knees, down the boss’s HP to 28% after just 10 pulls. After a while, they are coming closer to Kazzara’s World First than ever, as they manage to push Kazzara’s health to a staggeringly low 5.6%.

Instant Dollars are getting ready to start their splits.

Meanwhile, Liquid has reached the final boss, Saraketh in their Normal splits.

World First Mythic Kazzara

The first boss of Aberrus has been defeated on Mythic difficulty! World First on Mythic Kazzara has been claimed right on Day 1 by none other than The Early Shift! In a stunning display of skill and determination, they triumphed over the formidable Kazzara, the Hellforged, after only 24 pulls!

As the day drags on, TheEarlyShift has taken the second boss, The Amalgamation Chamber, down to 59.13%. However, the guild is done for the day. So we won’t be able to see a second boss fall in the first day of the RWF coming from TheEarlyShift.

6 new guilds are venturing into Heroic. As of now, they are Melee Mechanics, Instant Dollars, Imperative, Nerd Crew, BDG, and Kitty Ascended.

World First Mythic Assault of the Zaqali

After swiftly taking World Second on Kazzara, in a remarkable feat, Nerd Crew became the first to emerge victorious on Mythic difficulty before Assault of the Zaqali in a mere four attempts! Let the applause ring out for their impressive accomplishment!

The first day of the race hasn’t even come to an end. Yet, there are only seven bosses left! The competition for Aberrus’s World First is definitely heating up. Seems like it’s progressing a lot faster than back in Vault of the Incarnates RWF.

The EU contenders have yet to arrive.

Enclave has pulled Kazzara, will we see a World Third today?

World First The Amalgamation Chamber

Continuing on their streak, Nerd Crew secured their World First victory over the Amalgamation Chamber. After only 8 pulls, they rose to the top of the chart with a score of 3/9 Mythic. Next stop: the Forgotten Experiments.

Unleashed, Enclave, and Strawberry Puppy Kisses joined the top contenders on the leaderboard, being the third, fourth, and fifth to down Kazzara.

Finally, the EU guilds are coming into the fray! Echo and Method seem to set their sights on splits. However, the European players are unable to enter the raid for some unknown reason. So, Echo is doing Vault to farm for a rare ring dropped from Enarog, waiting for Aberrus to open its gate.

At 21:58, Nerd Crew called it for the day. Their performance proved to be nothing short of extraordinary. With an impressive feat of claiming not just one, but two World Firsts on the opening day of the race, the Nerd Crew cemented their dominance and secured the top spot on the chart for now.

At 22:08, finally, Aberrus is open to welcome the EU contenders, an hour later than initially intended. But hey, better late than never.

Poptart Corndog made it through Kazzara and earned World Second on the Zaqali Assault. That being said, they are the only one at 2/9 Mythic now and are actively pursuing that sweet 3/9.

BDG wrapped up their night.

May 10: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of RWF Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible!

At 00:52, Liquid called it for the day after splitting in Heroic.

Qingshui has become the first guild to takedown Heroic Sarkareth. The others are currently refraining from touching Scalecommander Sarkareth. The reason behind this strategic decision is that the omni-tokens dropped by the boss are most valuable when the majority of gear splits have already taken place. Thus, players who haven’t obtained a complete tier-set may receive one or even multiple omni-tokens, boosting their item level significantly. It’s crucial for guilds to exercise caution in timing their Sarkareth takedowns since only three omni-tokens are dropped in a full 30-man raid.

Echo, FatSharkYes, and Method, are all splitting.

BDG and Liquid are up and ready to start their Day 2. Liquid seems to plan to enter Mythic.

A total of 10 guilds have fearlessly embarked on the Mythic journey, clashing with its formidable challenges and securing noteworthy kills. The Early Shift, though yet to conquer Zaqali, continues to dedicate themselves to the cause. However, three rival guilds have managed to surpass their World First accomplishment on Kazzara. At present, Nerd Crew holds the crown with an impressive three bosses down and two World Firsts to their name. But, my friends, the tides of fate are turning swiftly, for Revolutionist and Honolulu blaze through the raid, rapidly catching up to Nerd Crew’s score of 3/9.

Hot on their heels, Poptart Corndog has joined the ranks of those who’ve tasted victory with their triumph over 2/9 bosses. The top 10 lineup is completed by Unleashed, Enclave, Strawberry Puppy Kisses, Vulgar, and DMG, all standing tall at 1/9.

As of now, the Forgotten Experiments pose quite an adversary as no guild has yet surpassed them.

Echo, Method, and Revolutionist have called it for the day.

Liquid are splitting in M+.

The Taiwanese servers are up. It’s the new home of the Chinese guilds after NetEase and Blizzard’s scandalous breakup earlier this year. As of now, the guilds are also doing split.

Vesper takes the lead on the Forgotten Experiments with an impressive 14.9% cumulative progress, securing a new best. However, their Mythic endeavors for the night seem to have concluded.

Current State in Aberrus

Currently, the focus among the 3/9 guilds is shifting towards the Forgotten Experiments, with Rashok, the Elder seeing minimal action. However, the dynamics are expected to change once the top guilds step into the battlefield.

May 11: Day 3

Method and Echo are up and ready to run on their third day, while that, it’s time for Liquid to take a rest.

项羽 has emerged victorious in the Amalgamation Chamber encounter, setting the stage for their imminent triumph over the Assault of the Zaqali. This exceptional progress not only places them on the cusp of securing 3/9 Mythic but also solidifies their position as the first Asian guild to achieve this feat.

Speaking about Asian guilds:

After 2 hours of valiant battle, Echo has taken down Neltharus +20.

FatSharkYes is wiping the floor with the first three bosses’ faces. By one-shotting each and every one of them without breaking a sweat, they are now standing before the Forgotten Experiments, along with Veneration and Sabotage.

BDG is also waltzing through the raid. They are at 3/9 Mythic now.

World First The Forgotten Experiments

After blazing through the first three bosses without even giving them a chance to breathe, FatSharkYes has taken down the Forgotten Experiments in 12 pulls. Achieving a feat that no other guild has managed to reach before, they claimed the World First title for the Forgotten Experiments.

After 4 pulls on Rashok, the sharks are fulfilled for the day.

BDG was soon to follow after, conquering the World Second title on the Forgotten Experiments.

Liquid has entered Mythic after downing 442 bosses for the past two days. After scorching the two first bosses in a heartbeat, the guild is skipping Zaqali and heading straight to the Forgotten Experiments.

Neltharion’s forgotten creations pose quite an adversary to even a juggernaut like Liquid. However, after only 5 pulls, Liquid entered the leads with 4/9 Mythic bosses down.

May 12: Day 4

Liquid ended their raid night after pulling Rashok down to 0.26%.

Echo and Method are still gearing up.

Method has entered Mythic and quickly downed Kazzara, the Amalgamation Chamber, and the Experiments. As of now, they are standing before the Assault of the Zaqali.

Method has joined the 4/9 squads!

After splitting for so long that their fans were getting restless, Echo finally decided to enter Mythic!

World First Rashok

And Liquid has taken the lead with 5/9 Mythic by being the first to defeat Rashok, the Elder! Zskarn is next on the list!

On the Asian side, Chaojie also joined the 4/9 Mythic by taking down the Forgotten Experiments.

Echo is blazing through the raid. Each pull means one boss down. Thus, they are at 4/9 now without much effort. Let’s see if they can keep this pace facing Zskarn.

Current State in Aberrus

Method and Echo are rivaling for a World 2nd on Rashok.

Well, it’s settled! Echo grabbed World 2nd on Rashok. The raiders are now at 5/9 and have caught up with Liquid at Zskarn.

Rashok is giving Method quite an arduous time as the guild keeps being wiped when the boss is at super low HP.

World First Zskarn

Another World First belongs to Liquid. Downing the vigilant Steward, the guild is not giving up its position on top of the chart any time soon. After defeating the sixth boss, they are marching towards Magmorax.

World First Magmorax

Liquid is snowballing with World First. After only 17 pulls, they hauled Magmorax to its demise and officially became the first guild to reach 7/9 on Mythic.

After devouring three bosses today, Liquid decides to continue their adventure in M+ for now.

Blizzard appears to have taken notice of the fall of Magmorax. They promptly implemented significant buffs to both Echo of Neltharion and Scalecommander Sarkareth. These updates have resulted in abilities that deal nearly twice the damage and stun effects that last two to three times longer.

May 13: Day 5

We’re at Day 5 of RWF Aberrus 2023! It has been an eventful night with three bosses down in a row by no other guild but Liquid. Echo is battling Zskarn, and Method is not so far behind against Rashok.

On the sky of Asia, Skyline is pushing the Forgotten Experiments. Chaojie and JTH are farming in M+.

And the tug-and-war between Method and Rashok has come to an end! Earning World 4th, the guild is moving up to Zskarn now!

Chaojie has returned to Mythic difficulty. They and Skyline are now going head-to-head against Rashok.

Echo has claimed World Second on Zskarn and is now at 6/9 Mythic! They are closing up the gap with Liquid. However, Magmorax is still in the way. Let’s see how they will fare.

Following up, Method has downed Zskarn for a 6/9 Mythic. Thus, marking their place as the World Third on the Vigilant Steward. The guild has decided to cease with Mythic difficulty for now, and started farming in M+ for a while instead.

That being said, Echo downed Magmorax. They are now in the same place with Liquid: in front of the eighth boss: Echo of Neltharion.

Rashok is defeated once more, this time by the hands of Conspiracy. The guild has earned its well-deserved World Fifth and is making its way to the next boss.

Soon after, the Elder is again exterminated by FatSharkYes.

World Third Magmorax belongs to Method! They are joining Liquid and Echo at the penultimate boss of Aberrus: Echo of Neltharion.
Echo decides to call it a night. Their day has been nothing short of awe-inspiring and fruitful, swiftly closing the gap on Liquid’s 7/9 Mythic progression. Astonishingly, they bring down the fearsome penultimate boss, Neltharion, to a staggering 24.9% health in a mere 41 attempts. Liquid is at 47.0%, while Method managed to lower the boss’s HP down to 51.7%.

BDG vanquished Rashok the Elder. With the demise of Rashok, BDG catches up with three other FatSharkYes, Conspiracy, and Instant Dollars, all standing proudly at 5/9.

In an intense clash on the Leaderboards, Liquid, and Method engage in a fierce back-and-forth battle. The second-place spot hangs by a thread, teetering on the edge of uncertainty as the two giants continuously surpass each other’s achievements by minuscule margins.

World First Echo of Neltharion

Liquid has made a triumphant return to the apex of the leaderboard by toppling Echo of Neltharion. With sheer determination and skill, the NA team seized their place at an impressive 8/9. Thus, it’s time they face the ultimate adversary of Aberrus: Scalecommander Sarkareth.

The Asian powerhouses, Skyline and Chao Jie, achieve near-simultaneous Asia-first on Rashok! Both teams swiftly vanquish the Elder, delivering a stunning blow to their opponents within a razor-thin margin of 40 seconds. This feat propels them to secure the 8th and 9th spots in the global rankings.

The race slows down as Echo and Method face the challenge of Echo of Neltharion’s second phase. Overlapping Volcanic Heart debuffs cause many casualties in the confined chamber.

May 14: Day 6

Echo emerges victorious before Echo of Neltharion. Thus, claiming the boss’s World Second and ranking up their spot on the leaderboard. The EU guild goes straight to Sarkareth and manages to pull his HP down to 60.5%.

BDG is up from their slumber and they are ready to face Zskarn. While that, FatSharkYes swiftly snatched the World 4th on the Vigilant Steward.

After a short break, Method is back and swiftly toppling the formidable Echo of Neltharion. Thus, securing an impressive World 3rd position on the boss. They are on their way to join Echo and Liquid at Sarkareth. We will get to see the power triangle competing over the life of the final boss and the coveted title World First of Aberrus. At the time of writing, Echo is leading the raid by pulling Sarkareth’s HP down to 49.8%, Liquid is at 57.4%, and Method is hot behind with 59%.

Conspiracy took World 5th on Zskarn.

Echo decided that they are done for the day and headed to get some well-deserved rest.

Another World 4th for the Sharks as FatSharkYes downed Magmorax and is moving on the Echo of Neltharion. At the time of writing, they are the only guild at 7/9 Mythic.

Liquid managed to take Sarkareth down to 42.45%, surpassing Echo’s 49.8%.

Conspiracy decided to call it a night.

BDG took down Magmorax in 31 pulls, claiming World 6th on the boss. Now, they set their sights on the challenging encounter with Echo of Neltharion. A fierce competition ensues as Instant Dollars joins the battle, both vying for the prestigious title of World 4th on Echo of Neltharion and the gateway to Sarkareth.

Liquid’s progress on Sarkareth is snowballing. 37.18% was what was left of Sarkareth’s health before the NA guild wiped. They are now doing some off-stream pulls on Sarkareth.

Current State in Aberrus:

May 15: Day 7

And we’re now officially a week into the Race to World First 2023, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

Echo and Method are up, they are continuing their progress with Sarkareth from the day before.

Echo has surpassed Liquid’s 37.18% on Sarkareth. The EU guild managed to lower the boss’s HP to 36.9%. Method is also progressing, downing the Scalecommander’s heath to 53.2%.

Two hours later, Echo scored another best with 28.1%. While off-stream, Liquid had made immense progress. 14.4% is the number that’s standing between the NA guild and the ultimate World First title. Method is reaching 44.9%. With the trio going strong, we’re only percentages away from the end of the race.

Liquid is still leading the scoreboard with 13.96%.

It’s 4.6% for Liquid now! They are so close to being the champion of Aberrus!

Echo steadily closes the gap, reducing the boss’s health to a mere 19.8%. However, Liquid proves a daunting challenge. The path ahead seems arduous for both Echo and Method as they strive to catch up.

Method took Sarkareth’s HP to 40.1%, but it’s still a long way ahead.

On an Asian note, Skyline and Chaojie are competing over Magmorax. The former got the boss down to 1.6%, while the latter has been at 10.2% for a while now.

BDG is currently at 32.7% on Echo of Neltharion.

Liquid forces Sarkareth to 1.82% HP! Echo is also speeding up their momentum, driving the boss down to under 6%.

World First on Scalecommander Sarkareth and Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

In a stunning display of skill and determination, Liquid emerges as the undisputed champion! With an astounding triumph over the Scalecommander Sarkareth, they secure the prestigious World First on Scalecommander Sarkareth in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

After an arduous and captivating battle that spanned the globe, the Race to World First for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible has reached its climax, crowning a deserving champion. The journey was filled with intensity and excitement, captivating audiences every step of the way. However, the race is far from over as other formidable guilds continue to compete, vying for World 2nd, 3rd, or securing a coveted spot within the top 10.

Today, it is a time of well-deserved congratulations to Liquid!

Amidst the jubilation surrounding the new RWF champion, Echo stays undeterred. They rise above with renewed vigor, relentlessly chipping away at Sarkareth’s remaining HP and managing to get the boss down to a mere 1.6%.

It’s 0.6% now.

Some updates on Echo of Neltharion: BDG emerges as a formidable frontrunner, forcefully reducing the boss to a mere 7%. FatSharkYes and Conspiracy are at 41% and 43%, respectively. The guilds engage in a fierce battle, their sights set on unlocking the final boss and securing a coveted position within the top 3. While FatSharkYes and Conspiracy ready themselves for a well-deserved respite, BDG’s ambitions are just igniting. Furthermore, Instant Dollars showcases remarkable potential, teetering on the edge of the top 3 on Neltharion with an impressive 44% achievement. The race rages on.

World Second on Scalecommander Sarkareth and Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Echo has secured World Second on Sarkareth and Aberrus overall! The EU guild triumphantly vanquished the latest raid after 141 attempts, eventually overpowering the Scalecommander and flawlessly clearing all 9/9 challenges. Their resounding success arrived approximately 5.5 hours after Liquid’s world-first accomplishment, solidifying their rightful place among the top contenders.

A thunderous round of applause to Echo for their astounding performance! Congratulations, Echo, on this extraordinary feat!

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