Race to World First 2022: Vault of the Incarnates Full Coverage and Constant Updates

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It’s that time again when all eyes are on the Race to World First (RWF) as the raid Vault of the Incarnates enters WoW. WowVendor will provide full coverage as well as constant updates on the events. Make sure to recheck this article once in a while to see the newest information, highlights, and a brief daily summary as we advance toward the championship of the 2022 World First race.


The top representatives of each region are:

Their progress is broadcast on their Twitch channels, allowing you to follow your favorite candidates’ journey from the beginning to the end.

However, what’s shown above is not the complete list of competitors, as not every guild announces its attendance via official events.


This toy starts dropping on December 13 (PST). Asides from the usual channels with drops, watching Team Liquid, Big Dumb Golden Guardians, Echo, Method, and Aversion traverse through the raid will also help you get the firework after two hours. However, it’s only one of many prizes you can get by watching streams. Check out more information on what you can get and their requirements here.

And now, let’s dive into the latest news of the 2022 RWF. Note that the time in this article will be in PST.


The World First of 2022 is definitely different from any of its predecessors, as Normal, Heroic, and Mythic are available simultaneously. As of now, it’s not clear how many days of splits each guild is planning.

Sco from Method has stepped back from raiding and is now more focused on managing and commenting.

Both Liquid and BDGG began their run with Normal difficulty.

Raszageth appeared as a boss for the first time, with abilities centered around lightning. Some intermissions knock players between various platforms. Her last phase is exciting as players are whisked back to the platform when they first enter the fight. Additional mechanics now take place. And to top it off, a lethal storm slowly closes in from outside the room, making the battle a lot harder and more interesting than it started out to be.

All of the guilds are splitting at the moment.


The top 10 guilds have reached Heroic difficulty at about 7 AM are:

The North American servers are about to have their scheduled maintenance at 8 AM. Let’s hope this interruption won’t cause much damage to the guilds from this region.

Candidates for the RWF championship are split-farming on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Liquid decided to run off-stream and had become the first to defeat Raszageth in Heroic.


Vesper (US) is booming today and has made a name in WoW history as they were the first to take down not one but two Mythic bosses. The guild challenged the Mythic after two Normal split raids and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Thanks to their bravery and recklessness, they rose to the top, surpassing many other guilds. You can watch the fall of Eranog here.

Nascent (US), DMG, and Idiot each got themselves a 1/8 on Mythic by defeating Enarog.


Blizzard has buffed some of the bosses on Mythic difficulty of the Vault of the Incarnates. One of the most notable changes is Terros’s damage. The boss’s abilities now burst a lot harder, posing a significant threat to the whole raid once the Healers are out of cooldowns (CD). Sennarth, Kurog Grimtotem, and Broodkeeper Diurna also have increased damage.

Liquid, Echo, and Method are focusing on running Mythic+. If they successfully conquer keys above level 15, they can follow the path of item crafting with Concentrated Primal Focus. If they succeed, they can craft any item up to level 418.

15more guilds have defeated 2/8 Vault’s bosses on Mythic difficulty.

4 guilds: Liquid, Instant Dollars, Echo, and BDGG have braved their way through 8/8 bosses on Heroic. 95 guilds, including 火锅超界 (Huo Guo Chao Jie) are stopping at 7/8.


After running off-stream and farming on Mythic+ and Heroic, Liquid has returned to the race triumphantly as they took down four Bosses in one day. While other guilds struggled with Terros, they defeated him after only five pulls and took the lead. Watch their Terros World First’s feat here.

After that, they immediately moved toward their next target: Sennarth. The Frozen Spider posed quite an annoying threat. Nonetheless, it only served as an addition to Liquid’s impressive performance, raising their record to 4/8. And this is Sennarth final moments before he was defeated for the first time.


Most guilds are still doing splits. New buffs are installed for Kurog and Raszageth on the Mythic raid, presenting even more challenges for the RWF participants. While that, Dathea was hotfixed. Blizzard reduced her HP and brought in a 5th add to make the encounter more doable.

Today is a busy day for guilds around the world. From Asia to Europe and North America, there’s news about developments in the RWF everywhere.

On the side of the European sky, Echo has started their race on Mythic difficulty. 20 minutes after taking down Enarog, they successfully brought demise to the Primal Council. Terros couldn’t escape his fate, as did the icy spider Sennarth. With 4/8 bosses down, Echo is now in second place right behind Liquid. The race is getting hotter than ever as two of the most powerful guilds are competing for the lead.

Method also entered Mythic. They successfully cleared Enarog and the Primal Council.

By far, the Asian guilds haven’t entered Mythic raid yet. However, 火锅超界 (Huo Guo Chao Jie) downed Raszageth on Heroic, claiming Asia First. Skyline quickly followed after for the Asia Second. After the feat, they returned to splitting.

In North America, BDGG and Instant Dollars conquered Terros and strongly advanced towards Sennarth.


The nerfs on Dathea have taken effect as Liquid has successfully ended her after 8 pulls post-nerf and 62 pulls in total. With a score of 5/8 bosses down, the guild maintains the leading position in the race.

Here is a summary of what has been happening so far:


BDGG and Instant Dollars maintain the same pace. They took Sennarth out almost at the same time. Both are now on 4/8.

Skyline claimed Asia First 3/8 by downing Terros. Half an hour later, Huo Guo Chao Jie also moved past the third boss. Each respectively earned a World Eighth and Ninth on this boss.

Method finished off Terros, claiming their place at World 10th.

Terros no longer poses as an impassable wall, as 7 more guilds have overcome him to face their next challenge.


Not stopping at Dathea, the unstoppable force Liquid continued their rampage and finished off Kurog Grimtotem. The sixth boss finally gave in after two days of struggling. Liquid has earned four World First on bosses in total up until now. Next stop: Diurnia Broodkeeper.


Skyline is still leading in the Asian sky as they claimed World sixth on Sennarth.

FatSharkYes, Skyline, Chao Jie, Method, BDGG, and Instant Dollar are now facing Dathea. However, the Asian guilds are in a less fortunate position. They face a real-life challenge as Skyline, ChaoJie and JTH members have tested positive for Covid and are already experiencing fever symptoms.

The World Second on Kurog Grimtotem has fallen into Echo’s hand. The EU guild is now holding 6/8 bosses and has finally caught up with the leading one, Liquid. Two of the strongest guilds have started their intense race toward the final boss Raszageth. Their only obstacle now is Diurna.


After fierce competition between the two guilds: Liquid and Echo, the winner has finally prevailed. Either Liquid or Echo constantly broke the boss’s lowest HP record. But in the end, Liquid was faster in ending the battle and successfully claimed World First on Diurna.

However, this doesn’t mean they have already got the title World First of Vault of the Incarnates in their hands, as Echo is hot behind their heels with only a 1% difference.



Liquid has returned to Raszageth after staying in Mythic+ dungeons for quite a while. Echo has woken up, refreshed after a good quality sleep. However, both guilds have yet been able to put an end to the reign of Raszageth.

BDGG has taken a big step forward, earning a World 3rd on Kurog and leaving the other guilds behind. With 6/8 bosses down, will BDGG be able to catch up with Liquid and Echo?

Skyline successfully passed Dathea, earning 5/8, standing alongside Method and Instant Dollars.

At the moment:


Raszageth, Dathea, and Kurog received their nerfs.

Chao Jie is catching up with their brother Skyline by taking a World 7th Dathea.

Aversion upgraded their gear from heroic splitraiding and are intending to kill Mythic Enarog on alts.

Liquid and Echo have long passed the threshold of 100 pulls on Raszageth. Echo took a break from Mythic Raszageth and returned for more Mythic+ dungeons splitting with their alts. Liquid decided to re-clear the Mythic raid. In just three hours, they managed to reach Raszageth once again.

World 8th on Dathea belongs to FatSharkYes. Despite their limited raiding schedule, the EU guild is meeting up with Instant Dollars, Skyline, and Chao Jie at the doorstep of Kurog Grimtotem.

The heat between EU and US contestants has never quelled down. Echo and Liquid are still head-to-head at Raszageth. BDGG and Method are competing for the World 3rd on Broodkeeper. And the battle for World 4th on Kurog is more intense than ever as Instant Dollars, Skyline, and FatSharkYes rival each other.

18 guilds have downed 4/8 Mythics bosses


Even after receiving two rounds of nerfs, Raszageth is still standing strong before the most potent guilds at the moment. Speculations are spreading about how Raszageth may still be alive this weekend.

Echo decided to reclear the raid, speedrunning through every boss lead to Raszageth in just three hours. They even had enough time to eat.

Many members of Skyline are battling with high fever because of Covid. However, they still managed to defeat Kurog and move on to Diurna.

Raszageth continued to receive nerfs with 5% reduced health and minus 50% shield.

BDGG joined the leading guilds with 7/8. Their battle with Raszageth starts now.


Method joined Liquid, Echo, and BDGG at the confrontation with Raszageth after defeating Diurna and earning a World 4th on the boss.

The top guilds are still struggling with Raszageth, even though the Storm-Eater has gotten nerfed thrice. However, Echo managed to clear Phase 2 with every member alive twice.

Liquid got to phase 3 on Raszaageth, getting the boss down to 17.76%.

BDGG has reached the first intermission.

Chao Jie ended Kurog, earning a World 7th and catching up with their Chinese brothers: Skyline and Jitianhong, at Broodkeeper. After a few hours, Instant Dollars also got past the tauren and claimed the World 8th.

Here is a brief summary of the situation right now:


Liquid wore Raszageth down to 14.2% before a Storm healed up the boss. As the Liquid raiders are getting their deserved rest, Echo has woken up with almost a whole point of item level ahead of their most formidable opponents. As of now, they have already pushed the boss to 8.35% HP.


Mythic Raszageth has fallen!

After the 4th nerf, Raszageth couldn’t hold her ground any longer and had been defeated. The Vault of Incarnates’ World First title belongs to Echo. After 263 pulls, the EU guild claimed the third RWF victory in a row. Congratulations to the Vault’s champions for being the first to take down the infamous Storm-Eater!


What a fantastic day! With 367 pulls, Liquid was the next guild who closed their raid in the Vault of Incarnates. They were the first to take down the majority of bosses in this Dragonflight raid. However, they lacked a bit of luck regarding the last boss, as she was nerfed when they weren’t around. However, World Second is an incredible feat. The guild members can now enjoy their holiday season to their heart content.

Christmas is incoming, and we are eager to see a World Third!


The Chinese guilds Jitianhong and KeaHoarl both took down the Broodkeeper, claiming World 8th and 9th, respectively, on the boss. Eight guilds are racing for the 3rd place.



At long last! The World 3rd has arrived, and it is Method who claimed the title! Watch their victory over Raszageth here.


The highly anticipated race to defeat the Storm-Eater has come to a close, with mixed reactions from the community. The journey was filled with excitement and intense moment, but the final outcome sparked debate among fans. Even the Co-CEO of Echo has voiced his opinion on the matter. Despite the controversy, it was a thrilling race until the very end. Congratulations to the new champions! Fans look forward to the next raid and seeing their favorite athletes compete again.

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