World of Warcraft Players Embrace “Specless” Playstyle

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Since the Shadowlands pre-patch was released, World of Warcraft gamers have been able to play without choosing a specialization. Despite the overhaul of Dragonflight’s talent system, you can still run specless. Therefore, more and more players choose this “pure” route just for fun.

For example, the Death Knight Basard recently reached level 70. In addition to not having a specialization, they also didn’t select any talents from the class tree.

This was definitely a hard-core gamer move. After all, the developers moved many basic class and spec skills into the talent trees in Dragonflight. That means very few abilities are left in the spell book, making leveling up extra challenging. When even ordinary creatures could easily prove their demise, they resorted to completing simple regular and world quests, pet battles, and gathering resources and professions.

Sashafoxx, the Rogue, decided not to limit themselves so much. They used their class tree, which made life easier and allowed them to run dungeons with the others.

However, finding groups willing to play with is not easy. The rogue hopes that they will find like-minded people to go raiding together in the future.

As the number of specless characters rises, they form a new community in WoW. Some of them have already agreed to play together just for the fun of it.

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