Patch 9.2 Coming Soon! First Impressions

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Patch 9.2 is Confirmed and Coming Soon! Initial Impressions from WowVendor.

Just recently, Blizzard has revealed the last chapter of Shadowlands, Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End. In this article, we’ll go over some major additions to the game this patch is promising to bring.

New Zone: Zereth Mortis.

Home world to the beings that created the universe as we know it, Zereth Mortis might just be the most alien-looking zone that we got to visit in WoW so far. There we will meet with the Automa, local mechanical beings created by the First Ones as assistants in their quest of creation, and enlightened brokers, which let go of their material ways and are now on a search of knowledge and preservation.

Cypher of the First Ones.

By aiding automa and enlightened brokers, eventually, we will learn the musical language of automa and uncover the truth behind the message left by the First Ones. This system is also meant to replace renown levels we had in before.

New additions.

Patch 9.2 looks quite promising as far as content goes. As per usual we will get new mounts including flying progenitor-spiders, new pets, toys, armor and weapons. Darkmoon Faire is getting a new dancing mini-game, which will test your sense of rhythm. Professions, Soulbinds and Conduits will also receive updates. And of course, there’s a new raid coming.

Sepulcher of the First Ones.

Sepulcher of the First Ones is an 11-boss raid, where we will have to stop Jailer from completing his plan of rewriting the rules of reality. Zovaal himself is going to be the ultimate challenge of the raid. Worth noting that Blizzard are bringing time-gating back: on the raid’s first week you will only be able to defeat 8 out of 11 bosses, with Anduin Wrynn now possessed by domination magic being the 8th and the last boss of week one. To stop such a formidable force, we’ll need all the power we can get, and thankfully – class tier sets are back. Each armor set will resemble a progenitor of every class, with visual elements that clearly indicate class fantasy mixed with Zereth Mortis and the First Ones aesthetics. There will also be a new currency that is received through PvP and Mythic+ that can be exchanged for tier set pieces. This new system is essentially – a bad luck protection, which is a great addition, considering how many players haven’t received their desired Shards of Domination even after months of raiding.

When to expect?

Update: The release date of patch 9.2: Eternity’s End is February 22 for US servers and February 23 for EU servers.

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